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Our Enemy, The State 2023-01-04

Mr. Noch wrote this shortly after FDR starting working to changing America.

  1. Dont
    A brief paragraph from the preface to the book that is enough. Prophecy?

    appeared in 1935, its literary merit
    rather than its philosophic content
    attracted attention to it. The times
    were not ripe for an acceptance of
    its predictions, still less for the
    argument on which these predictions
    were based. Faith in traditional
    frontier individualism had not yet
    been shaken by the course of
    events. Against this faith the argument that the same economic forces which in all times and in all nations drive toward the ascendancy of political power at the expense of social power were in operation here
    made little headway. That is, the feeling that
    "it cannot happen here"
    was too difficult a hurdle for the book to overcome.
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