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Prepper Acronyms & Definitions v1.1 2018

A List of Acronyms And Definitions, Specifically Related To Prepping

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    This is a list of both acronyms and definitions that I have been compiling for some time. I have added to and deleted from this list, to tailor it more toward the needs of members here. I hope those who download it, find it to be a useful resource.



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  1. Prepper Acronyms & Definitions v1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Grandpa Patch
    Grandpa Patch
    Version: v1.1 2018
    Very good list of Acronyms. I good resource for us new "Zombies" that are starting out with the very basics of Prep knowledge. Thanks.
    1. Asia-Off-Grid
      Author's Response
      I hope it helps. Thank you for your suggestions as well, to add to the next version.
  2. Zimmy
    Version: 08/2018
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