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PSD-F-61-1_Family Shelter Designs (Part 1 of 8) 1962

PSD-F-61-1_A complete list of eight types of fallout shelters you can construct at your home.

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    PSD-F-61-1_Family Shelter Designs (Part 1 of 8)

    This Handbook contains instructions for building eight types of family fallout shelters. The shelters were designed for construction in backyards and basements, and for use by families who do not have access to community shelters, or who prefer for their shelters be at their homes.

    This series was released in 1962, by the Department of Defence, Office of Civil Defense.

    Please Note: This eBook contains instructions to build all eight shelters in the Family Shelter Series. The other 7 eBooks in the series are the same shelters listed in this file, aside from the first shelter titled, Basement Sand-Filled Lumber Lean-To Shelter.

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