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Rifle Marksmanship Diagnostic and Training Guide (2011 CE) 2017-07-06

A Guide for US Military AR weapons instructors in diagnosing and training IET marksmen trainees

  1. chelloveck
    This training manual provides weapons instructors with guidance in diagnosing and training basic IET level marksmanship. The manual is well illustrated and is easy to read and follow.

    As a bonus, I have added links to a couple of B&W WW2 military training films. Perhaps because of their size, I wasn't able to upload them to the SM resources forum; so, interested individuals can download them directly from the Internet Archive Org website. Both make for interesting viewing by military history buffs.

    1. https://archive.org/download/Infant.../Infantry_Weapons_and_Thier_Effects_512kb.mp4 (124.3MB)

    2. WW2 German sniper training video (1944)
    This WW2 German sniper training video gives an insight into the Wehrmacht approach to preparing their soldiers for service as snipers. This B&W training film is in German, overdubbed in (American) English.

    https://archive.org/download/Training_vid/German_SnipersTraining_video1944_512kb.mp4 (275.5MB)
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