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Secret Freedom Fighter: Fighting Tyranny without Terrorizing the Innocent 2022-09-25

Could this sort of activity be what we should be watching for? Signs can come in many forms.

  1. Dont
    Life is not worth much if you're not free
    --and worth nothing at all if you're dead. Freedom can be
    stolen from you at any time. Be prepared. Find out how every citizen can maximize his own freedom while
    minimizing the risks by being a secret freedom fight
    A totalitarian state is what we might get after the collapse of society, economic disaster or natural
    cataclysm. And then we'll have to fight for our freedom as well as for survival. If you want to be a secret
    freedom fighter, you won't join any pr
    otest groups, stand on street corners making speeches, or run with a
    mob that throws rocks at cops. The secret freedom fighter must fight alone.
    The secret freedom fighter has to be the invisible man, always working in secret. Because he is one
    man workin
    g alone, he doesn't have to do as much damage in a single operation as a guerrilla force would to
    justify the risk. And he doesn't have to worry that someone will betray him and turn him in to the authorities.
    With years of experience in governmental, rel
    igious and freelance assignments around the world, the
    author has learned how unfree governments work and where they are most vulnerable to attack by an
    individual acting on his own. He tells which targets are fair game
    --and which aren't
    --choosing weapons
    methods, lethal and non lethal tactics, working within your own limitations to wreak havoc on morale and
    government operations, and much more.
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