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Sharpening A Knife 2007

Information And Tips On Knife Sharpening

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    Sharpening A Knife, By Dee Griffin, DVM

    A sharp knife is a wonderful tool and a point of pride. However, sharpening a knife can be a tough skill for many to learn. In this article I will share with you keys to having a sharp knife. I hope you enjoy reading this material as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it. A special thanks to everyone who contributed ideas, information, and tips … send me yours (dgriffin@gpvec.unl.edu). If you are as busy as most veterinarians who need sharp tools for doing a necropsy, you might find everything you need to know in the summary on the last page … including where to get disposable blades. - Dee Griffin, DVM

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