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Handbooks, Guides & How-to Shortwave Radio Handbook - Where There Is No Telephone 2014-07-04


  1. Brokor
    A handbook on short wave radio and LEO satellite communication for missions and aid agencies in developing countries. The book describes how to plan, select, install, operate and maintain a radio telephone network in these countries. It deals with the peculiar and special considerations necessary for reliable operations and will assist both technical and non-technical personnel.

    Handbook Table of Contents:
    Chapters: (Revised April 1997)

    1. How Radio Waves Travel
    2. Aerials
    3. Transceivers and Power Supplies
    4. How to Plan your Radio Network
    5. Costs and Choices
    6. How to Install a Radio System
    7. How to Operate a Radio Network
    8. How to Maintain a Radio Network
    9. Additional Facilities
    10. Packet Radio
    11. Disaster and Relief Communications

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