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Solar Chimney and/or Downdraft Dehydrator plans 2016-05-20

Solar food dehydrator for off-grid food preservation

  1. Ganado
    This is two slightly different versions of the same solar chimney food dehydrator, Its counter intuitive because the hot air comes in the top and as the food dehydrates the moiste air falls and then goes up the side channel so that you have steady air flow. The food isn't exposed to the sun so you lose fewer nutrients.... supposedly.

    The end of each file has a brief table that helps you determine the angle of the solar bed for your latitude to optimize sun collection
    Solar Chimney Dehydrator

Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2016-05-20
    I like the open ended nature of the design, doesn't require that you send in for a "plan" and buy the following items. Could be made now for use with what you have on hand and could be made after SHTF with what you could find.
    1. Ganado
      Author's Response
      That was what I liked about it too Duane. I think anything that doesn't require electricity is a good thing
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