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Steward / Cook 3rd Class and 2nd Class (1946) 2017-07-21

US Naval Manual for Ships' Cooks / Stewards

  1. chelloveck
    "Who called the cook a bastard?!", and the rejoinder "Who called the bastard a cook"...are standard fare when stirring "tucker f^ckers" in the military, but the value of good catering to a unit's effectiveness cannot be over estimated. This manual provides useful (if perhaps technologically a little dated) information in catering for crowds.

    Cooks can sometimes be a little touchy, especially if they have been over indulging in the 'lemon essence'....his sensitivity to being offended by criticism of his efforts could be quite creative....He once took his revenge on the complaining soldiery by liberally adding green food colouring to all the breakfast food...eggs, beans, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes etc....the food was nutritious, the food was tasty, the food looked abominable....he got a bullocking of course, but to him, revenge was just as sweet. :sneaky:
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