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Survival Reloading 2014-01-07


  1. melbo
    The author has about 55+ years of sound shooting experiences in many disciplines including long-range hunting, long-range target shooting, national competitive silhouette shooting, pistol qualifications and skeet shooting combined with engineering and gunsmith experiences all combined into highly successful results. I am still building my own rifles for long-range target uses. The only factory rounds I have fired in all these years are 22 Long Rifleā€˜s and I use five different loading presses.

Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2014-01-07
    Basics of survival reloading that should be required reading even if you don't expect to reload. His selection of Unique and h-4895 as basic powders are the same as mine. It is step 2 in survival reloading, with step 1 being the old Lee loader that didn't even use a press, and is much safer and the ammo produced is more "valuable" as a barter item.
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