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Tales of the Ranch - Lonely Bear (Story 5 of the "Normal" Saga) 2015-02-03

by Grand58742

  1. Grand58742

    Sergeant Jamie Collins sat nervously while Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Dayfield worked on some report or other. It wasn’t an entirely unfamiliar situation he was in, waiting on his commander to speak about something. However, Staff Sergeant Katie Shepherd sat to his right, waiting as well. And Jamie had no idea, well, he had an idea why he was there and it really was his fault. He should have known better and gotten more immersed in the unit before doing something like he had. It appeared Colonel Dayfield had finished up as he set the report off to the side.

    “Okay, now that’s out of the way” he said and set it in a pile of reports to send off. “You two getting caught up on your rest?”

    “Yes sir,” they both answered separately.

    “Do you know why you’re here?” asked Thomas.

    “Sir, I can explain,” said Jamie.

    “Okay,” said Thomas with a half a smile and leaned back in the chair. He detected neither one knew exactly why they were here, but figured he’d see what they thought.

    “It’s a perfectly good explanation,” said Jamie.

    “I bet it is,” said Thomas. “And I might agree if I knew the specifics.”

    “Well…” said Jamie and took in a deep breath.

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  1. john316
    Version: 2015-02-03
    really great story
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