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Tales of the Ranch - Operation Eris (Story 2 of the "Normal" Saga) 2015-02-03

by Grand58742

  1. Grand58742
    There is nothing worse in this life than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane thought Major Thomas Dayfield to himself as the C-130J took another bounce from the turbulence on its low level flight into the drop area. However, in this case, it gets us out of this turbulence and I’m all for THAT. We should be climbing soon.

    He glanced at the men and women around him, sixteen in all, taking the ride about as easily as he was. The pilots, members of the AFNAS 132nd Airlift Squadron (Special), seemed to be going out of their way to find every bump in the area on their way in. They had called in “feet dry” over land and had descended to the low level penetration route on their way to the drop zone. He looked over at Technical Sergeant (E-6) Amber Taylor-Bates, who looked greener than she should have in the dim lighting of the interior of the droning C-130, even with the camouflage face paint on. She attempted a half a smile at him, but was having trouble keeping her stomach from emptying the contents onto the deck of the plane. The loadmaster had handed out the small paper envelopes containing the plastic bags for air sickness prior to take off, but the problem lay in trying to get it out of the envelope quickly enough to be used.

    The pdf version for download. If you haven't read "Normal" I would suggest you read it first as this is the sequel to that story.

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