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The Book of Enoch 2014-09-22

Translated by R.H. Charles

  1. Brokor
    Fully formatted with active table of contents, footnotes, and in the PDF version, bookmarks.
    Pages: 107.
    Publication Date: 1917.
    Illustrations: No.
    About The Book: The Book Of Enoch, written during the second century B.C.E., is one of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works, and probably had a huge influence on early Christian, particularly Gnostic, beliefs. Filled with hallucinatory visions of heaven and hell, angels and devils, Enoch introduced concepts such as fallen angels, the appearance of a Messiah, Resurrection, a Final Judgement, and a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Interspersed with this material are quasi-scientific digressions on calender systems, geography, cosmology, astronomy, and meteorology.

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