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The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency 2014-09-01

Self Sufficiency

  1. Brokor
    Author: John Seymour - 258 Pages - No copyright

    How to: plow a field, sow wheat, plant corn, make hay, malt barley, rotate crops, grow vegetables, harness a horse, milk a cow, slaughter an ox, shear a sheep, pluck a chicken, cure a ham, salt beef, brew beer, make wine, bake bread, churn butter, press cheese, pickle onions, prune trees, can fruit, dry herbs, keep bees, track game, set a snare, bait a hook, skin a rabbit, fillet a fish, tan hide, sink a well, build a barn, mend a wall, fire bricks, dress stone, split wood, spin flax, coil pots, weave a basket, thatch a roof, construct an oven, deep freeze, store produce, make fuel, generate light, harness the wind, collect the rain, trap the sun, turn the soil, follow the seasons, respect the land, reap the harvest, waste nothing, stay healthy, live well.


Recent Reviews

  1. Ganado
    Version: 2014-09-01
    This is a great resource that discusses life cycles and how to be self sustaining on one acre and 5-acre tracts of land
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