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The Construction Of Cross Bows & Other Weapons 2000

The Design And Construction Of Several Different Ranged Weapons

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    The Construction Of Cross Bows & Other Weapons, 2000, By Harold Hoffman

    Harold Hoffman has through his 30 plus years of experience as a Gunsmith, Toolmaker and Custom Knife maker has passed on to you through his books information that soon may be lost or forgotten. His books are not intended for the person wanting to make a complete firearm, but for learning basic shop tool making. The information found within his books is for instructional purpose only. -- The titles DO NOT actual cover gun repair on firearms, but how to make needed parts for firearms which is about 40% of all gun repair. Without this information you will be severely limited in gun repair.

    He first started gun repair when he was 18 years old doing minor repair for the farmers and local hunters in the Bucklin, Kansas area. His main interest was how to make rifle barrels, as he was an avid hunter. Moving into a bigger shop he bought a lathe and proceeded to learn how to use it.

    He wanted to find out how to make rifling buttons to rifle barrels, tool making, and learn everything about making barrels. Over the years he became an expert toolmaker and how to build most everything that was needed in the shop. The information found in his books will show you how to make most of the equipment and tools needed in most shops.

    After an eye accident he quit Gunsmithing and started writing books on everything that he knew. He had so much difficulty finding any information that he wanted all this information that he had learned in over 30 years to be available to everyone otherwise it would be lost.

    His books are now about the only books available on Gunsmithing/Tool making, as most publishers do not publish Gun or Gunsmithing books anymore.

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