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The Killer Angels: Battle At Gettysburg 2014-01-08

"Well, boy, if he's an angel, he's sure a murderin' angel."

  1. natshare
    Version: 2014-01-08
    Excellent book, a well told tale.
  2. duane
    Version: 2014-01-08
    Truth is often stranger than fiction. At one point, the Maine unit was out of ammunition and rather than retreating or surrendering, made a bayonet charge and the Confederates surrendered and the Union line was not turned. May have changed our history if that had happened.
    Book is well worth reading, have read it several times and will read it again. One of the few books we all should read.
  3. Hathor
    Version: 2014-01-08
    I was assigned to read this book for a management course. I ended up reading it twice in about 2 weeks. Amazing.
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