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The Military and Moral Injury 2017-06-29

Interview by Nancy Sherman discussing the moral injury and anguish of veterans

  1. chelloveck
    I have read Nancy Sherman's book "The Untold War", Nancy Sherman | The Untold War and found it a fascinating exploration of the effects on the psyche of some of those called to active military service when required to by their nation. Nancy Sherman's book "AFTERWAR", Nancy Sherman | Afterwar follows on with an examination of the homecoming, and reintegration of the returning veteran back into society.

    Nancy Sherman acknowledges that its not just military service personnel that may experience moral injury and anguish...she makes clear that civilians can also be affected by similar experiences.

    From a prepper / survival perspective, significant emphasis is quite rightly given to the physical health and well being of the prepper and their significant others; However, surviving in a hostile WROL environment, there is also much potential for survivors to become 'moral' casualties, particularly when faced with the kinds of moral dilemmas that needn't be faced on a daily basis when 'civilisation' is still functioning adequately.

    Nancy Shermer's interview raises awareness of the issue of moral injury, it is up to us as preppers to consider ways of ameliorating that hazard...for our own sake, and the sake of the ones that we love and care about.
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