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The Public Papers of H. Hoover (pgs. 1084-1088) 2015-07-11

Presidential Public Papers (historical)

  1. Brokor
    Emergency War Powers: The emergency banking response of Roosevelt was predicated on the workings of the Federal Reserve Board, who were headed by wealthy financiers, most notably Eugene Meyer and William H. Woodin. In these papers of Hoover, he responds to the letter delivered to him in the late hours of his Presidency. The language of the proposed executive order is the very same used in Procl. #2038 and #2039 by FDR in March, 1933, and included the words, verbatim to amend the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, which is still in effect to this day as standing law, U.S.C. Title 12, Section 95(a)(b), granting the President and Secretary of Treasury supreme authority. These papers are public record. Source (University of Michigan) link: Herbert Hoover: 1932-33 : containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the president, January 1, 1932 to March 4, 1933.
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