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Thoughts on SHTF and Partisan Warfare 2014-01-09

YO HO the partisan's life for me, NOT!

  1. Dont
    An interesting read on the concepts of partisan fighting and living. I do believe that Washington may very well have faced these challenges...

    Far too many folks look at survival after SHTF as a pretty easy deal…"I’ll just go out in them thar hills and shoot me a deer." This simplistic view is so far off the mark as to be ridiculous. Especially if feeding a family or group of personnel for survival or partisan operations. The bare-bone basics will come back into play. There will be no microwave ovens, you won’t be able to run down to the Kwiki-Mart to pick up forgotten ingredients from Apu, and you can only lug along so many MRE’s. When you run out of bullets and beans you certainly won’t have the option of radioing in a Blackhawk or two full of goodies.
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