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VT's Mega DVD of PDFs and stuff.iso 121200

Download available only to Site Supporters

  1. VisuTrac
    This is a 3.4GB collection of pdfs, software and other things that are a gift from VT to Site Supporters.
    Become a Site Supporter here: https://www.survivalmonkey.com/account/upgrades

    Download the .iso file and burn to DVD. It should autorun but if not, there is an index.html file that will open the menu in your browser. ;)

    Oh, the 'download via external site' is still SM, the file is just too large to place into the forum system. If you hover over the button you'll see that the download url is still on SM.

    Some of the files and categories:
    Screenshot from 2015-01-23 23:46:55.

Recent Reviews

  1. smithcp2002
    Version: 121200
    Great collection, going to get in the e library now
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