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Water Purification & Filtration PDF eBooks (.zip file) 2018-07-28

13 Titles I Compiled Into A Single Download, For Guest Viewers & Fellow Monkeys

  1. Asia-Off-Grid
    A list of the 13 titles included in the .zip file:
    1. Calcium_Hypochlorite.pdf
    2. Emergency_Disinfection_Of_Drinking_Water.pdf
    3. Emergency_Water_Purification_&_Clorox.pdf
    4. Homemade_Production_Of_Bleach_Disinfectant.pdf
    5. How_To_Build_A_Water_Biofilter.pdf
    6. How_To_Purify_Water.pdf
    7. How_To_Tell_If_Your_Water_Supply_Is_Safe_To_Drink.pdf
    8. Making_A_Homemade_Berkey_Water_Filter.pdf
    9. Making_Water_Fit_To_Drink.pdf
    10. Purify_In_An_Emergency.pdf
    11. Solar_Distillation_Of_Water.pdf
    12. Survival_Water_Purification.pdf
    13. Water_FAQ.pdf

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