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Where There Is No Dentist 2014-01-07

Murry Dickson Published By The Hesperian Foundation

  1. melbo
    Where There is No Dentist has 2 parts. The first part (Chapters 1–5)
    discusses teaching and learning about preventive care. It begins by
    encouraging the health worker to examine herself and her family. To be a
    good example is the best way to teach.

    The second part (Chapters 6–11) talks about diagnosing and treating
    common dental problems. It is especially for those who live where they
    cannot reach or afford a dentist. A poor neighborhood in the city can be
    as distant and neglected as a far-off village. This second part is intended
    mainly for health workers who have helped organize people to meet their
    own needs.

    Hesperian encourages others to copy, reproduce, or adapt to meet local needs any or all parts of this book, including the illustrations, provided that the parts reproduced are distributed free or at cost – not for profit.
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