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WW2 Automatic Weapons: American vs German 2017-07-04

WW2 Army training film comparing American and German Automatic Weapons.

  1. chelloveck
    An interesting B&W WW2 US Army training film comparing American and German automatic weapons. The film demonstrates the firing of each weapon, indicating rate of fire, and sound / smoke signatures. Weapons are fired at range targets and accuracy comparisons are made. The film sequence finishes with a simulated assault on an German machine gun position giving a good feel for 'crack - thump" distance estimation for target indication purposes.

    The film has a semi propaganda feel about it, emphasising the superiority of American automatic weapons over German ones, particularly with regards to accuracy and ammunition conservation. The narrator fails to recognise that the MG34 and MG42's larger beaten zone gives the German machine guns a better suppression capability than the "more accurate" American weapons.

    An interesting trip into yester year for military buffs.

    42MB duration 9mins 36 seconds.

Recent Reviews

  1. duane
    Version: 2017-07-04
    Dated, but excellent view of the guns and no mention of the number of machine guns that the Germans used at the small unit level.
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