‘Anonymous’ Member Calls For Revenge On Terrorists For Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. stg58

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    These folks clearly have skills and the challenge to freedom of speech/press appears to have their back hair up and may aid the war, yes it is a war against these POS VERMIN who use a religion as their excuse to rob, kill, pillage and rape.

    Anonymous with no rules no focus groups may be a force in this war.

    "We will find you until the very last one, destroy you. You killed innocents. You won’t bring Shariah to our democracies. We won’t let your stupidity destroy our freedom of press.”

    ‘Anonymous’ Member Calls For Revenge On Terrorists For Charlie Hebdo Massacre | TechCrunch
    "Anonymous from around the world have decided to declare war against you, terrorists” a purported member of the hacktivist group said in a video uploaded to YouTube, referring to the killers responsible for the attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Speaking in French on Anonymous’s Belgian channel, the cybervigilante warned terrorists, “We will track all your online activity, we will close your accounts on every social network.”
    A post to text board Pastebin associated with the message states that “We will fight always and everywhere the enemies of freedom of speech…Freedom of speech and opinion is a non-negotiable thing, to tackle it is to attack democracy. Expect a massive frontal reaction from us because the struggle for the defense of those freedoms is the foundation of our movement.”

    The video message to the Charlie Hebdo attackers roughly translates to “We will find you until the very last one, destroy you. You killed innocents. You won’t bring Shariah to our democracies. We won’t let your stupidity destroy our freedom of press.”


    The statement, in French, calls on all computer users to join them in their campaign against jihadist sites through a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

    "Freedom of expression has suffered an inhuman assault," the statement reads. "Sickened, shocked, we cannot fall to the ground. It is our duty to react.

    "It is clear that some people do not want, in a free world, this inviolable and sacred right to freely express opinions. Anonymous will never let this right be violated by obscurantism and mysticism. We will always fight the enemies of freedom of expression everywhere."
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  2. VHestin

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    It's good that they don't like ISIS, but why did it take this attack for them to take a stand? I mean how long has ISIS been on the news for their crap? Beheading the journalists wasn't enough for Anonymous to do something?
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  3. Yard Dart

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    For them it is all about free speech... there is not much else that is left sacred in this world..... If you can not have a voice in society. due to censorship..... then society is broken and needs to change. What that change looks like and the means to get there can be bloody. Preserving the right to free speech is paramount to many in this world.... for once that is gone.... it is to the bullet for change.
  4. stg58

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    I am guessing since anonymous spoke French that they knew some of the people who were murdered and had a bit of a reality check of what is going on with 10% Muslims who are not assimilating into France.
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  5. ghrit

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    We always said that an organized offense was doomed to fail. Anonymous has the right idea, strike individually or in small well organized groups, and have an exit plan. Leaderless rebellion is hard to defeat --
  6. Mindgrinder

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    "Anon" circa 2015 is NOT what you think it is.
    It's not a bunch of smart kids defacing websites....and has not been for a very long time.
    It's not a bunch of angry hoaxers with packet low orbital ion cannons knocking visas website down with overwhelming ping traffic.

    It's alphabet agencies, blackmail and leverage.
    That is all.

    @sec_monkey prolly knows what i'm talking aboot.

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  7. stg58

    stg58 Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Then again it could be yet another brick in the wall removed in the devolution...
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  8. Yard Dart

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    Next you are going to say that Santa and the Easter Bunny are hoaxes..... [turkey]
  9. mysterymet

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    Yeah but the tooth fairy MUST be real, right?
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  10. kellory

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    Must live in San Francisco, I hear they're full of fairies.....:rolleyes:
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  11. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    Did they sell out and become mercenaries, or has it always been this way? Possibly infiltrated and systematically replaced or subverted by others?
  12. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Not exactly. In the early days of hacking/packeteering/phreaking it really was random smart kids messing with telecom systems and insecure software. I'm talking aboot pre-internet, BBS,PBX and fax systems via dialup. As they got busted, they also got recruited via blackmail or plea bargain. Not unlike Agent Smith and Neo from the matrix.
    "Come work for us and we'll make these charges go away..."
    Then came the internet and Anon to sweep in many of those that had managed to avoid the authorities up until that point. In the Anon irc chat rooms, SomethingAwful, 4Chan etc, they KNEW they were deeply infiltrated but couldn't give up the addiction of attacking things "forthelols".
    Lulsec was almost entirely letterboys doing as their .gov false flagger masters directed.

    LulzSec leader Sabu turns traitor, gives up alleged members to FBI | Digital Trends

    Monsegur reportedly turned FBI informant this summer after he was arrested and charged on 12 counts of hacking-related crimes. The 28-year-old resident of New York City, who Fox News describes as a “computer genius” and “one of the world’s most wanted criminal masterminds,” opted to betray his fellow hackers to avoid having to leave his two young children, according to the FBI.

    EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking the world’s most wanted hacker | Fox News

    The agents were suddenly face-to-face with “Sabu,” the computer genius they had stalked for months, a quarry so elusive they hadn’t pinned down his identity and location until just weeks before. The suspected ringleader of the Anonymous offshoot group LulzSec, Hector Xavier Monsegur and his web minions had just completed a month-long reign of terror, hacking the CIA, Fox, Sony and several financial institutions, causing, according to some estimates, billions of dollars in damage around the world.

    The nondescript public housing unit seemed an unlikely nerve center for one of the world’s most wanted criminal masterminds, but the 28-year-old Monsegur himself is a study in such contradictions. An unemployed computer programmer, welfare recipient and legal guardian of two young children, Monsegur did not go to college and is a self-taught hacker. Although his skills and intellect could command a lucrative salary in the private sector, those who know him say he is lazy, an underachiever complacent with his lifestyle.


    Today.....I'm not entirely sure aboot some of the hacking community...
    I have no doubt that Assange was a legit "hacker" as a child but I highly suspect he's been bought/sold/leveraged. Same with Snowden. Manning was just a pawn/scapegoat.

    Just my .02
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  13. Seawolf1090

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    I have often been opposed to the deranged antics of Anonymous, and usually find them at best rather hypocritical. But in this one instance they have it right. Fight these heathen animals wherever they are found. We are, and have been for some time, at WAR with the muslims. Most of us are just too stupid and self-engrossed to realize it.
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  14. chelloveck

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    Oh man...the ZamZam water concession owners in Mecca are in for it...just think of the havoc that Anonymous could wreak on them. All that Anonymous needs to do is to endorse the claims that ZamZam is perfectly safe to drink!

    Zam Zam Holy Water Is ‘Unsafe for Human Consumption’ | Green Prophet
  15. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey

    What's a little arsenic among friends, anyway?
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  16. Mindgrinder

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    Um....why now? Why not when they started chopping off Christians heads and taking sex slaves of the women and children? But now....ohnoes! They took out a cartoon company? FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH! Ya right.
    Who benefits?
    You are not at war with "muslims"....
    You FUND them with your own tax payer dollars.
  17. natshare

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    If they really want to make themselves useful, figure out a way to strip ISIS of their bank account balances. I don't care who you are, I don't care how elementary and simplistic your weapons and fighting tactics, any army still lives and breathes on its supply line. Meaning, if you take away their money, and don't allow them access to it, they're either going to start starving and go home, or they're going to be sitting ducks for the good guys.
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  18. chelloveck

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    I do believe that the Franciscan chapter of Anonymous is working on that project. ;)

    Franciscan order on verge of bankruptcy after financial fraud is uncovered - Religion News Service

    The Franciscans' main difficulty seems to be in keeping their financial assets safe from embezzlement. I hope they don't divert ISIS funds to the Vatican Bank which allegedly got them into financial strife in the first place. :eek:
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