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    Dear Readers, I appreciate the confidence that you show in me with your emails asking my opinion about the Las Vegas shooting. Many of you suspect that it is another false flag affair, and you ask me about its purpose.

    I don’t know if it was a false flag attack, and if so, by whom or for what purpose. I don’t expect to ever know. A story is set in place by officials and media. The only way to ever know is to personally investigate. You would have to go to Las Vegas, examine the scene, ask questions of the hotel, investigate the answers if you get any, find and interview concert attendees who were shot, attend funerals and see bodies of those killed, speak to their families, learn about the weapon allegedly used, experience trying to shoot at targets far below and far away, compare the number of casualties with the recorded time of firing, and so forth. In other words, we would have to do the job that in former times would have been done by the press, but no more.

    It is almost like the story is being kept from us. For example, from media reports that the event was just across the street from the hotel, I did not know that “across the street” was a distance of 390 yards (1,170 feet).

    As I don’t expect to ever have a confident opinion about what happened, I am not paying much attention to the mass shooting, or should I say alleged shooting. We are lied to and deceived so much that we can never tell when we are told the truth. It is like Dmitry Orlov says:

    Lies beget other lies, and pretty soon unbiased intelligence-gathering, rational analysis and proper mission planning become impossible.

    … a reputation for telling the truth can only be lost exactly once, and from then on the use of the phrase “US intelligence sources” became synonymous with “a conspiracy of barefaced liars.””
    “Whatever message Washington and Western mass media are trying to push, a perfectly valid response is to point out all the times they have lied in the past, and to pose a simple question: When did they stop lying?

    Official explanations of such events as Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and so forth, always throw up red flags, because the official explanations always studiously ignore contrary eyewitness and other evidence. Also, often there are not even smart phone videos of dead and wounded people. As far as I can tell, the bodies of 573 dead and wounded are absent in the Las Vegas video evidence. Considering the suspicion that such events cause, one would think the authorities would make a special effort to show the dead and wounded. In other cases of mayhem, alleged bodies look like dummies or are covered and could be a pile of anything. The presence of crisis actors on the scene, as in the Boston Marathon Bombing, raise more questions. I remember when it was expected that police and media would investigate all evidence and clear away contradictions. Now all we get is an official story instantly ready and repeated endlessly by officials and media. This itself raises suspicions.

    You will have to make up your own minds about Las Vegas. Here are some of the reported facts to consider:

    The victims killed and wounded total 573. That number is the size of a military battalion. It is very difficult to turn an entire battalion into casualties with small arms fire even in a fierce combat situation. I don’t know if it has ever happened. Can one person with no military training shooting down from 32 stories, which requires special sighting knowledge, at a distance of 390 yards—the length of 4 football fields—hit 573 people in a few minutes of firing? Jon Rappoport doesn’t believe it.

    Neither does the progressive Steve Lendman.

    There are reports of multiple shooters.

    There are reports of gun flashes from the 4th floor.

    The windows on the hotel do not open and would require the glass to be broken.

    Stephen Paddock doesn’t fit the profile of a psychopath. Reports are he was a multimillionaire with airplanes and his own pilot. He enjoyed life. His brother is dumbfounded, said it makes no sense Stephen did the shooting.

    The Mandalay Bay Hotel is reportedly a casino. If so, security cameras are everywhere. Why no videos of Stephen Paddock carrying in the many cases of 23 firearms and ammunition? How could maid service clean the room for three days and not see 23 firearms and their ammunition? Makes no sense.

    Why 23 guns? The number is beyond superfluous. The large number almost suggests that the entire event is concocted as a gun control incident. The huge number of guns, the huge number of casualties. Finally, at last, enough “gun violence” to get gun control.

    Skeptics are waiting to hear from the authorities how a person at such a distance managed to shoot so many people in such a short time and with what automatic rifle and caliber the deed was done. As this part of the story is especially difficult to believe, we will probably not get the explanation.

    And it is not only the authorities and the presstitutes that truth is up against. There is also the lack of integrity in people with axes to grind. For example, Paul Street writing in CounterPunch says: “The Las Vegas massacre is just the latest in the Gun Lobby’s long line of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.” The article is titled: “The NRA’s Latest Terrorist Attack on U.S. Soil.” You can read it here.

    The gun control lobby has a massive vested interest in the official story. You can bet your life that the gun control lobby will ignore any and all problems associated with the official story. The story is exactly what they want in order to advance their cause. The campaign is underway.

    As Paddock is a rich white male, the story also fits with Identity Politics. Paddock is another example of the evil white male. Here is the Identity Politics connection served up by The Washington Post: “All across America white men, some young, some of middle-age, are turning into wolves. Always, after they commit acts of terror, it is revealed out that these perpetrators were not men after all. They were beasts, mindless monsters whose evil was abstract and cold and terrible.”

    CNN says mass shootings are “a white man’s problem.” See “How America has silently accepted the Rage of White Men.”

    People are more interested in confirming their beliefs and prejudices than they are in the truth. If Paddock were a Muslim, Islamophobic people would cling to the official account.

    Truth requires that people believe in truth more than they believe in their own biases and causes. In the United States, such people are increasingly rare.

    Remember always the Roman question: “Who benefits?” That is where you will find the answer.

    UPDATE: Paddock’s girlfriend describes him as a “kind, caring, quiet” man who she envisioned a “quiet future” with. A woman knows a man. Her description is not one of a psychopath.

    I have spoken to more experienced persons rated experts, including U.S. Marine snipers. They don’t believe a word of the official story. Will, once again, the experts be got rid of by branding them “conspiracy theorists” as was done to 3,000 architects and engineers who challenge the official story of 9/11?
    Las Vegas shooting - Personal Liberty®
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    The simple answer is GUN CONTROL!!! How do you piss off enough American's to take action, you kill a bunch of them in cold blood in high def, and splatter the images all over the media! Kill enough and people will eventually demand a change. They killed a bunch of little children, but change didnt come, they were not sick enough to post the images of those little bodies wrent by bullets, and we didnt demand sweeping change, they killed a bunch of gay people in a night club, and yet they were not sick enough to show all the bodies, and we didn't demand sweeping change, so they killed a bunch of really nice people, patriots, conservitives, gun owners, voters, christians, and an overwhelming number of them are female! Wanna piss off a whole bunch of good Americans? Kill the women and stream the video live and un cut!!!!! Want sweeping gun control? Kill a bunch of good, honest, hard working, salt of the earth americans, and you will get change, maybe not the change you were hoping for, but change none the less! Truth? The truth is what the masters and the media they control tell us is true, every thing is lies to keep you confused and keep you from uniting by exposing the truth!
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    With all the anti gun talk, the fact is the man with the truck in France killed more people, and there was no talk about outlawing heavy trucks. There are agendas and it is us vs them and they will not give up until we sign in on the UN plan to limit guns to the government. Outlawing alcohol worked out so well and we all know that you can no longer buy cocaine on the streets with all the laws against it and all the people in prison for dealing it.
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    Ban firearms in the US and drugs won't be the only items smuggled across the border. Cartels will happily go into the manufacturing business to fill the demand.
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Banning guns is impossible, with home milling machines, lathes and 3D printing. That genie has left the bottle and shattered it. Building ARs is now a cottage industry.
    The PTB can label them "illegal", but all that means is several million Americans instantly become criminals.
    At that point, We The People have nothing to lose in carrying out a new Revolution.
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    Wow! Good article. It also addresses some points that I missed myself. I think the two biggest ones (which have been puzzling me since it happened) are why in the world would someone who is trying to maintain a low profile bring 23 firearms to a hotel when any gun owner/user knows that they would be no way to even use half of them, 5 or 6 maybe even 10 but 23?!?! Makes no sense. The other point is the guy is wealthy and living the good life, not a care in the world, no axe to grind. Hell, there isn't even any anger incidents or drugs or political dissent... yet he is a psychopath with a secret life? Okay, that is possible, like some serial killers but these killers were found to had past signs of mental instability that showed up when caught and investigated. I wonder why no one has commented on how many rounds he went through, 500 (~16 mags), 1000 (~32 mags)...?

    They can ban guns but it will never stop guns from getting into the country. I can think of no country where I have lived where you could not obtain an illegal firearm if you wanted one even in the former Soviet Union countries which have very strict laws. Hell, the last place I lived the guns were coming from Afghanistan, where is there is no shortage, and there was so many that you could get an AK for about $300. Even the island countries haven't been able to keep them out.
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    Funny thing, its hard to build a bolt action rifle, easier to build a muzzle loader or falling block, and easiest to build a full auto that fires from an open bolt. Just saying a Sten gun is easier to build than a revolver and much easier than a model 1911.
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    A Muzzle loader is still just as capable as ever, and limits are more on the nut behind the butt then any thing else! Black powder is so easy to make, and bullets can be cast any where a sutable sorce of heat can be found, i would not have any problems with the right BP long gun. I habe a Spanish built .50 cal that consistantly shoots sub moa beyond what most think a BP rifle can shoot to! With custom made molds, i can do pretty much any thing with thay rifle, and i can make sabot for any thing sub .45 cal, so i can use pretty much any bullet i find, amd can get decent accuracy out of it! Talk about handy!!!
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    What I missed was where was all the empty brass in the hotel pictures? Where were the carpet burns from the brass? How many of the dead and injured were killed or wounded in the stampede rather than rifle fire?
    I always carry firearms with me to hotels. I don't believe I have ever carried 23 but at least a dozen at a couple of USPSA or 3-gun matches where we shared rooms to save a buck.
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    That data on HOW MANY Shot, as opposed to HOW MANY Hurt, has NOT been published because it does NOT fit the MSM Narrative, of MASS Casualties... THEY keep touting "500+ HURT" but have NOT published the BreakDown, of injuries...
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    The only reason i know more women were killed was the MSM did a memorial that showed each persons picture along with their name and i counted almost 3 to 1 women killed!!!! Not one MSM outlet has made that fact known!!!!
    Another thing, the first reports before the MSM started to piece together the "facts" seems to be the most accurate account, and several of the cops reported shota from the 4th and the 22nd floors, amd possably a whole nother building!
    And why did the overheated barrels of the rifles not melt or set the carpet on fire, and where are the piles of spent brass! Where are all the bullet holes in the hall way when he shot at the security? A string of 200 rounds should get a barrel pretty damn hot, a thousand would pretty much destroy a barrel and it would be so hot it would set any thing near it on fire!!!! Why didnt the smoke alarms not go off from all the shooting? I have set off smoke alarms with as few as three pistol rounds fired inside, and yet they only worked when the door was breached!?!?!?!?!? Still not adding up!
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    The wired Smoke Alarm, in the room DID GO OFF... That is how the Security Guy, who got shot, knew which room, and on which floor to go to.... Also remember that MOST, in not All, The rifles had Barrel Shrouds, to would keep the HOT barrels away from whatever they were laid on... Look at the pictures of the room, thet never show thr floor near the windows... That is where the spent cartridges were piled up... On 60 Minutes, Sunday, The Three Sheriff Deputies that were first into the room, after Breaching the Door, with Energetics, ALL SAID, “There were spent Shells, EVERYWHERE, and stacks and Stacks of full magazines all over the place...”
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    Here you are...

  14. Tempstar

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    I heard a radio host once say that he had thought about setting up a machine gun outside of Congress and pulling the fire alarm. It makes me wonder why there has never been a mass shooting incident targeting politicians.
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    or the American Bar Association Convention....
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    Precisely. What constitutes an injury? A skinned elbow?
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    How about the Democrat National Convention.

    But....... the vast majority of mass shootings are done by registered DEMOCRATS.
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