1.25 meter band- 222–225 MHz amateur primary

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by stg58, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. stg58

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    The 1.25 meter band is a bit of a VHF favorite for me.
    222–225 MHz amateur primary exclusive; 219–220 MHz secondary.

    Underused so you have the band to yourself many times with very good coverage in simplex with a base antenna at 65 feet.
    My 25 watt Alinco dr-235T has served well along with an older Alinco HT.

    With new 1.25 meter radios coming out the band may pickup.

    This one will arrive this week.

    55 Watt Heavy Duty 220Mhz Mobile Amateur Transceiver with ctcss/dcs ( PL & DPL ).

    TYT TH-9000
  2. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    My handheld is a tribander with 1.25 meters as one band. So far, I've made no contacts on that band, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work best.
  3. BTPost

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    Propagation on the 1.25 Meter Band is very similar to the 2 Meter Band, just a lot less active.
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Thought that was the case, lying between 2meter and 70 cm. I'm going to have to find someone around here willing to test it out. Maybe next club meeting.
  5. stg58

    stg58 Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Sad and odd that UPS took 220-221 mhz from 1.25 ham allocation and never used it....

    But for semi-private comm 1.25 is an option.
  6. DKR

    DKR Raconteur of the first stripe

    If your rig can tune down a bit...

    The Air Force Space Surveillance System, colloquially known as the Space Fence, is a multistatic radar system that detects orbital objects passing over America. It is a component of the US space surveillance network, and is claimed to be able to detect objects as small as 10 cm (four inches) at heights up to 30,000 km (15,000 nautical miles.) Although formerly operated by the U.S. Navy and known as NAVSPASUR (short for "Naval Space Surveillance"),[1] command passed to the Air Force 20th Space Control Squadron on October 1, 2004.[2] The operation's headquarters are at Dahlgren, Virginia, and radar stations are spread out across the continental United States at roughly the level of the 33rd parallel north.
    There are three transmitter sites in the system:[3]
    • 216.983 MHz at Lake Kickapoo, Texas ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 33°32′47″N 98°45′46″W) (Master transmitter)
    • 216.97 MHz at Gila River, Arizona ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 33°06′32″N 112°01′45″W)
    • 216.99 MHz at Jordan Lake, Alabama ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 32°39′33″N 86°15′52″W).
    The master transmitter at Lake Kickapoo is said to be the most powerful continuous wave (CW) station in the world, at 768 kW radiated power on 216.97927 MHz. Overhead imagery (see coordinates given above) of the Gila River and Jordan Lake sites suggests that the original design called for antennas of twice the present length with, presumably, greater radiated power.
    There are 6 receiving stations:[3]
    • San Diego, California ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 32°34′42″N 116°58′11″W)
    • Elephant Butte, New Mexico ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 33°26′35″N 106°59′50″W)
    • Red River, Arkansas ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 33°19′48″N 93°33′01″W)
    • Silver Lake, Mississippi ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 33°08′42″N 91°01′16″W)
    • Hawkinsville, Georgia ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 32°17′20″N 83°32′10″W)
    • Tattnall, Georgia ( 17px-WMA_button2b. 32°02′35″N 81°55′21″W).
    The receiving stations at Elephant Butte and Hawkinsville are considered to be "High Altitude" stations with longer and more complex antenna systems that are designed to see targets at higher altitudes than the other four receiving stations.
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  7. stg58

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    The TYT TH-9000 arrived today.

    Would have preferred a different speaker location since it looks like it would suck up water if given the chance. Tx & Rx 220-260.

    Nice heatsink and so far as described.

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