10 Common Core Promoters Laughing all the way to the Bank

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by pearlselby, Jan 14, 2016.

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    That is really no big surprise. People do not do anything for free and I have never seen a liberal do anything for a reasonable price tag. Common Core is foolishness. I battle it ever year. My son is amazing in math but gave up. He would see the problem and answer it correctly but it would be marked wrong because it was not answered in the common core way. Sadly he fails math because he gets the answers in an efficient manner (old fashion way) but fails.

    Just looking at these peoples pictures in the article you can tell they are POS liberals.
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    One of the many reasons we home school as well.
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    Well this shit spreads like cancer. Now it's made its way into the military. The technical schools aren't training new service members like they used to.
    In my time the test questions were you had a question and you had to use a schematic to figure out why something wasn't working.
    Now it's broken down into 3 parts.
    1 identify things, where does it belong.
    2 description of what it does, how it works.
    3 trouble shooting and they don't even teach that at the school any more. Have to go to first duty assignment to even start to learn that.
    In my time if you couldn't kind of start to figure out a mechanical or electrical problem, they didn't want you, you wash out into something dumber.
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    If people don't start using their brains things are going to get real hard real quick. What would it take for you to raise your own kids? Can't do it? Then maybe you shouldn't be having kids.
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    I retired from my IT career in the Florida Dept. Of Education just as Common Core was rearing it's scaly reptilian head. We did, for years, suffer with the massively failed and worthless "No Child Left Behind" nonsense. Education in this nation is one of the most corrupt departments, state or federal. You'd be surprised how many DOE parents home school their kids or use private schools.
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