10 prepping lessons you can learn from the story of Noah's ark

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    With apologies...
    10 Life-Lessons from Noah’s Ark

    1. Always plan ahead.

    There wasn’t any rain in the forecast when Noah started building
    the ark.

    2. Don’t listen to your critics.

    Listen instead to your heart, determine what needs to be done, and then do whatever has to be done.

    The neighbors might have taunted when Noah the ark was blocking
    their driveway — but he had the last laugh as soon as the rain
    began falling!

    It's a case of mind over matter.. you shouldn't mind because what they think doesn't really matter...

    It's a case of mind over matter... you shouldn't mind be cause what they think doesn't really matter

    3. Stay physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit.

    You never know but that when you’re 600 years old, someone
    might come along out of the blue and ask you to do something
    REALLY big!
    Or when bugging out you have a really big 600 pound ruck...

    4. Don’t seek to go it alone.

    Always travel, at least, in pairs, because two heads are
    better than one.

    And it's best to have someone provide covering fire...

    5. Speed is not always an advantage.

    The cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails; and
    they all arrived safely on dry ground at the very same time.

    Beside when you move fast you miss things and make a lot more noise...

    6. Handle Conflict with certainty.

    If you can’t fight or flee from adversity — at least make
    certain you have an idea that can float in the battlefield
    of ideas!

    An Idea backed up with a superior fire power will certainly handle most conflicts..

    7. Don’t miss the boat!

    Never forget this underlying truth: that ultimately when
    all is said and done, we’re all in the same boat!

    Also keep in mind that while we may all be in the same boat, If you own the boat you can limit who gets to go along for the ride...

    8. Be flexible in your thinking.

    Remember that amateurs built the ark while professionals
    built the Titanic and the Challenger Space Shuttle.

    Just because you may have the best training and equipment some idiot will find out a way to screw your preps and plans up....

    9. Remember that Fear is nothing more than

    “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

    The woodpeckers on the INSIDE are often a bigger threat to
    your overall well being than the storms raging on the outside.

    More battles have been lost and more people have been killed due to indecision because some one was afraid to make a decision... Don't second guess your self...

    10. Remain faithful and optimistic.

    No matter how bleak things look, if God is traveling with you,
    there’s always going to be a rainbow of peace on the other
    side of the storm.

    If you have trained, prepped and have faith in yourself and have a positive attitude odd's are you will prevail... or at least go out in a blaze of glory and spent brass...

    Note... No disrespect is meant to members of and faith...

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    I strive to be like Noah, and listen to God's voice .
    Jesus made it posible .
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    I may not have an Ark but I have a lifeboat!
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    Remember to give "The talk"...so to speak to the pair of rabbits you brought on board...'cause you know , they tend to breed , well , like rabbits...:D
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    I don’t need an Ark, as I live on top of a mountain....
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    11, have a boat.
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    12. Have a place to barbeque topside. :D
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    It would seem you can build an Ark today and pay for it by using it as a Touristic Attraction - until the flood comes..

    (Ark Encounter Christian theme park opened in 2016)

    Noah’s Ark Crashes in the Netherlands [WATCH]

    or a real (replica) floating Ark is found the Netherlands. For now.
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