Gear Review 100% Wool Blankets (Master Listing)

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by Brokor, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Brokor

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    Good luck paying $100 for a surplus military blanket. I won't do it, no way. The Bulgarian wool blankets are fantastic, if you can get them without bugs or holes, and cost a fraction of what folks are asking for "rare" Swedish blankets. The thing is, those Swedish military blankets are good, and everybody is holding onto them, they aren't "rare" by any stretch of the meaning.
  2. Troy brownrigg

    Troy brownrigg How my next home will be constructed!

    I've got a wool blanket in each of my four BOB. One of the 1st item I considered.
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  3. tedrow42

    tedrow42 Monkey+

    Hate to dig up a dead thread but those Bulgarian blankets are amazing! Was a pain geting the smell out though hung them over the fence for a few days and washed in the bath tup... still smells a bit
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  4. vonslob

    vonslob Monkey++

    I have been picking up wool blankets at garage sales. If priced right i buy them all, new ones, good used ones, even ones with holes. The messed up ones make good dog blankets or patches for other wool blankets. I have found some good ones but yet to score a hudson bay one, i am keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Hanzo

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    Which is your favorite, @Brokor?
  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    You didn't ask me, but .... I have a Hudson Bay (red with black end stripes) 6 point queen size. Paid $120 maybe 20-25 years ago. I have 2 lt tan British Officers wool blankets 70 x 90" paid $27 each maybe 2 years ago. and last but not least, I have 3 heavy wool blend full size blankets bought in Ecuador .... guy started at $30 for one. I bought 3 for $25 total. Also have some GI wool blend blankets ..... maybe 5 or 6 in both OD and gray.
    Of them all the Hudson Bay is my number one over all. #2 would be the heavy Ecuadorian blankets. #3 the British Officers blankets. Last the US GI.
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  7. Hanzo

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    Mahalo tacmotusn. I would love a Hudson Bay! Just hate to pay for it.

    I have a surplus wool blanket and a queen size alpaca blanket. The alpaca is very thin and light and works best with a sheet under it. I guess if I bundle up in it versus just draping, it would be warmer. That would probably hold true for any blanket though.

    And I appreciate everyones' feedback. I specifically asked Broker because he started the thread.
  8. ghrit

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    @Hanzo - Brokor has taken a break, been gone for a while. He will be back when the spirit moves him, I guess.
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  9. Hanzo

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    Mahalo for the heads up, @ghrit.
  10. Hanzo

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    Forgot all about my trusty Woolwich blanket that I take on every camping trip. On our last trip, I was concerned it might be cold so I packed my Kifaru woobie along with the Woolwich blanket. It is one of the old red boy scout ones. I found something interesting. Wool topped by woobie was toasty and comfy. Woobie topped by the wool blanket was way too hot. My guess it having the natural fiber against your skin, even though it is scratchy, is better for thermo regulating than synthetic against the skin.

    I think a cotton sheet with the wool blanket or sheet with woobie would be the way to go. I do that at home and it is very nice. Alpaca over a cotton sheet. Real cozy like.
  11. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    My favorite is the Bulgarian military cream colored blanket. Great to be back. :)
  12. kellory

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    Welcome home.
  13. melbo

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  14. Well, I will try to find the 100% wool blanket since the winter season is going on. But it is also difficult to find out even you have suggested few of online shopping sites. A few days before I had purchased an item from an shopping sites and it found duplicates. So I am doubting on them, but ebay is a reputed sites so I will think about it. The list is new to me and rates are appearing quite good.
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  15. Crackerbacks

    Crackerbacks Neophyte Monkey

    What do you guys think of the alpaca blankets like these, they seem to be in the same price range as the old military blankets that seem overpriced anymore?
  16. madmax

    madmax Far right. Bipolar. Veteran. Don't push me.

    I can't comment on the prices (Dad go mine in Peru years ago). My alpaca poncho is super soft and super warm. Love it.

    My Hudson Bays' are incredible pieces of wool.
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  17. Crackerbacks

    Crackerbacks Neophyte Monkey

    I remember when mil surplus was a "bargin" compared to normal retail, now it's not, so I want to purchase the best quality blanket I can in the $60-$90 range.

    I know alpaca is softer but I was worried about durability and heat retention when wet.
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  18. madmax

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    Well I baby my alpaca poncho some because of sentimental value. But it's survived many 10 day rendezvous' with no problem.
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  19. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    I was looking at Hudson's Bay Wool Blankets and boy howdy do they like them! I found them on sale for $300 - $400 - $500 depending on how heavy they were. And that was the CHEAPEST I found them! They may be the best thing ever, but where are the gold plated sheep they got the wool from? That is $100 a pound for the blankets.
  20. Dont

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    I am kinda partial to those G.I. wool blankets. Especialy when picked up cheep.. Take a poncho liner and roll up in it and it will keep you warm in moderatly cold temp's. Add a couple more quilt's or use a thicker wool blanket and sleep warm in cold in the teen's. When I get home and have to be up early makes no sence to build a fire in the stove. Roll up in the blankets and get some sleep. COLD getting out of that warm bed in the morning.
    Do wish I could aford those thick, heavy wool blankets..
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