1022's are so Unreliable!!!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by tacmotusn, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. tacmotusn

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    Complacency can get you killed. I hate to parrot a TV show, but in an old episode of CSI Miami, one of the regulars got killed off because his weapon failed him in a gunfight due to sloppy or negligent or no maintenance/cleaning.
    One of my worst vices is "procrastination".
    Talk about unreliable, who would have thunk it? My stainless steel 1022 after 30 years or so of age, and untold 1000's of rounds thru it, never having been detail stripped and cleaned, with only a rare, very rare, swab of the bore and a squirt or three of wd-40 and a wipe here and there where you could see and reach actually finally stopped functioning.
    It gets worse.....
    My 2 most often carry pistols, have gone so long with out proper maintenance that I have completely forgotten how to dissassemble them for cleaning. They will be serviced by me properly today!
    Most of you are I hope shaking your heads in disbelief, and saying OMG.
    Some of you should know I AM SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO YOU !!!
    After finding plenty of info online by googling "1022 disassembly and cleaning" yesterday, I did the right thing and got busy cleaning my 1022. After reassembly I test fired 20 rounds thru it 10 rapid and 10 slow fire without a hickup. Then I cleaned it again.
    Don't be a slacker like I was.
    Take good care of your firearms, so they can take care of you when you need them!seesaw[beat]:oops:
  2. kckndrgn

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    I agree, "Take good care of your firearms..."

    When I worked at a gun range I couldn't tell you how many times someone would come out complaining about the number of malfunctions they were having. Most of the time they would blame the ammo. I would ask to see their firearm, then ask when the last time they cleaned it. Most of the time I was met with a blank stare, like they were thinking "I'm supposed to clean it?".

    I recently acquired an older G21 in trade. First thing I did was a complete strip and cleaning. Glad I did too, the firing pin channel was dripping with oil. Not that it would cause a problem firing now, but after a few thousand rounds that oil would have collected enough junk to cause problems.

    When the wife started carrying I made sure she knew how to clean her own gun. I also keep printed out copies of detail cleaning for most of my guns in a binder in the safe.
  3. ghrit

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    I'll be straight here, I am not as diligent as I ought to be with cleaning and primping the weapons, at least those that don't see corrosive ammo like the MNs do. In my defense, the only problems I've had with any of them (except the Winnie M77 22) has been with an AR that was getting dry and let me know in no uncertain terms that she wanted a suck on a lube tube. (Took her home, hosed her out with brake cleaner, then applied a few squirts in strategic places, no problems since.)

    That said, they get stored properly and inspected periodically. That, and getting them to the range now and then seems to work well.
  4. ISplatU

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    I am a bad boy!!

    I have never cleaned my two Glocks, or my SKS, or my AK, or my MK 3.

    However, I have put less than 200 rounds through both Glocks combined, and have never shoot the others.

    Now that is bad!
  5. tacmotusn

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    Yes, it is bad. If you haven't shot them (your SKS, AK, and MK 3), then for all practical purposes they are clubs or jousting sticks. The zombies aren't going to make it easy for you. 4 inches at 100 yards is a military standard. I prefer to practice to do much better. but, like the cleaning, to each his or her own. Thus ends the sermon.b::
  6. Seawolf1090

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    Whenver I buy an old gun at a pawnshop or gunshow, it's always FILTHY..... some owners just NEVER clean them. Probably why they sell the gun - it starts jamming and failing, the doofus thinks the gun is 'bad'. Ah well, I've bought some good ones that way that just need a good cleaning then they are good as new! b::

    And those danged gun/pawn shops - many times I see the clerk just sitting there doing nothing - if I worked there, I'd be all over those guns, cleaning, handling, fondling..... uh, you know - FAMILIARIZING myself with them..... [drooling]

    Sometimes I do get lazy, especially with the AK and SKS - they are made to take the abuse of third-world conscripts. But my hunting, SD and target guns get better attention. However, the .22 target rifles do NOT get the bores swabbed out squeaky clean each outing - ruins accuracy. A .22 runs best with the bore slightly fouled. The action though - cleaned and lubed! [winkthumb]
  7. ISplatU

    ISplatU Monkey+

    In my defense.

    The MK3 is brand new, and I have looked inside the AK, and the SKS, and it looked OK inside.

    Also, I have put alot of rounds through my M&P 9mm and my AR 15, so I know how to shoot. But for the last year I just do not have a good place to shoot, or the time, just the time to trade for new guns, or buy.
  8. Seawolf1090

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    Same here - weather's been so lousy that I haven't dropped the hammer on ANYTHING in months...... :rolleyes:

    Well, there was that freaking HUGE spider I shot off my bedroom wall with the .22 Colibris in my cheapo revolver........ but hey, THAT was self defense!! [LMAO]
  9. GeoMonkey

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    Tsk ..... Tsk.

    I'm on the other end of the scale. My wife thinks I'm fanatical about cleaning my guns. But I figure that's the price for expecting them to keep my a** and my family's in one piece.

    After 3,500+ rounds, my Sig 229 hasn't ever jammed or FTF, and is completely cleaned-lubed after every range session [monkeyeating]
  10. Brokor

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    My favorite .22 cal., 151k by Mossberg, which was bought at a local gun shop was never cleaned. That's a 1950's rifle that has most likely never had a thorough cleaning. The first thing I did was break it down and clean it out completely, and to my amazement it wasn't permanently damaged. I am seriously impressed. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Yes, it is important to clean every firearm before storage no matter how many rounds were put through it. Even an AK or another low maintenance firearm should have its bore cleaned after each day at the range. It gets really tough at times, especially when you fire several guns in a day --the time it takes to perform a proper PMCS can become a burden really fast. Sometimes, I will just take a lightly oiled patch and run it through all of my firearms after they have been sitting for a few weeks, and even then I still pick up carbon deposits on occasion. If I use a stripper and lightly oil the bore, the chances of it remaining clean dramatically increase. I think I currently use a Remington bore stripper for the heavily used guns.

    The same as Seawolf, I have never purchased a used firearm yet that was clean. lol.
  11. Seawolf1090

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    My most amazing case of 'firearm neglect' was the Mossberg Model 146b that i bought off a kid at the range - his GrandDad had just died, and the family needed money to bury him. The old man had guns all over the house! They found them in drawers, closets, and this Mossy rifle was stashed under the trailer! It was a rusted ruin. I bought it for $40 (friends said to offer $25) as I figured I could salvage the stock for a project.
    THEN..... I ran an oiled patch down the bore - it turned out to have a shiney bore! So I took it home and began cleaning. Used a LOT of steelwool getting the rust off the metal, but in the end, it turned out to be fully functional! Even the S130 peep sight was in good shape once derusted.
    I refinished it, and now it's my favorite 'squirrel rifle'!

    Turned out pretty good:
  12. Hispeedal2

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    A clean gun definitely functions better. That's a given. Most guns don't need to be "armory cleaned" to work. At times, it's even advisable not to clean. For example, after I clean my precision rigs, I shoot a couple drying rounds and check zero. Next time I grab that rifle, I know for a fact that it will fire the first round cold bore and the rest dead on it's warm bore zero. It takes one factor out of the equation- a coat of lube in the barrel. I do the same for my hunting rifles. Modern powders and primers aren't corrosive.

    The same thing holds true for combat. Everyone test fires before we leave the wire. It's a way to ensure that 1) your weapon works and 2) drying that bore, even on a combat weapon, isn't a bad idea.

    The best way to do this it to clean at the range (and your wife will love you for it). After you get done, fire a few rounds for function and check your zero.

    Over-cleaning is the reason why most basic training rifles are turds. Yes, there is such a thing as over cleaning.
  13. DocLRRP

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    We had a First Sargent who was a nutcase about clean and wet 16's. This was in '64 before the "You never have to clean them " B.S. was exposed.
    Today, most of the AR's are well made and if you keep them really wet, they will run.
    I am still one who takes an hour after returning from the range to get everything As New In Box.
    I admit to being neurotic.
  14. Brokor

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  15. XR750

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    I am very anal retentive about keeping my wepons clean. They have always gone bang for me when I pulled the trigger.
    Thankyou Dad and Uncle sugar for teaching me to respect my pieces and to keep it clean.
  16. dragonfly

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    Here in land of the "swamp cooler", you expect rust!
    It happens constantly. So, about every few weeks ( 3-5) I pull all the toys out and start the process...It takes me all day to clean al of them, but the worst I have had was a drop of rain fell on my shotgun barrel up north, and the next day......LO and behold a bright orange spot. It took a few minutes to buff it out, but that wa scary! Now I even wipe them down when I handle them!
    Got those nice grey cleaning cloths and they work great.
    I need to buy stock in Hoppe's!
  17. DocLRRP

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  18. ghrit

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    Along those lines, I've used 3-1 oil on a rag with pretty good results in the anti rust race. As always, getting something in the nooks and crannies takes more than a wipe down.
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