11-11-11 Detroit

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    11-11-11 Detroit
    I just hope they are armed!

    TheCall Detroit 11.11.11

    At least they are getting out before Deer Season.
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    Will they all be holding candles and singing "KumBahYa"........ or will they be wearing BP Level IV Vests, Kevlar Helmets, carrying Nightsticks, M4s, and Shields....... Inquiring Minds want to Know.........
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  3. VisuTrac

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    Well, my friend, I am going to be way too close to the action. Not planning on going into Detoilet but we should have some great news coverage , live, web, radio. So, I'll let ya know what I see.

    Based on some of the past rhetoric there is a pretty good chance of some crazies coming out to play
    Lou Engle, The Call, Martyrdom, & The NAR « Sola Dei Gloria

    Yeah and we got a million Muslims here in Dearborn. w00t!
  4. chelloveck

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    Interesting strategy

    Piggybacking on the back of Armistice Day services commemorating the war dead of conflicts from the First World War to the present.

    I shall remember the fallen with a minute of silence and reflection on the 11th hour of 11th day of the the 11th Month of 2011. As for God....he can make his own arrangements: though spending it with some latter day Elmer Gantry, stroking the ego of a jealous God, seems to me to be a waste of time.
  5. ghrit

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    Is that guy nuts? Seems time to make an appointment with a shrink.
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