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    I shoot a 1100 Remington in 3-gun competition. It has a ten-shot magazine tube and I just finished installing an "Easyloader" carrier release that replaces the carrier release button with a ramp that properly aligns the cartridges with the magazine tube for use with a speed-loader. I also installed a speedloader guide to the receiver and purchased several four round speedloader tubes and pouches. This is a really fast way of reloading while on the move.
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    Easyloader Carrier release
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    Can you post a pic of the ez loader setup on the gun. Does your tube extend past the end of the barrel?

    The range I go to is thinking about having some 3 gun matches this year. I got one of the 1100 tacticool versions to keep by the bed last year. I was thinking about using it instead of modifying my late 70's model 1100.

    The tacticool version came with an extended mag tube and pistol grip. I also added scattergun night sights and a side saddle.

    Having all that extra weight on the gun really changed the handling characteristics of it, at least it did for me.

    What kind of ammo do you shoot in those matches??
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    I'll post a pic when I get back to the ranch later this week. I use 9-shot low-brass and whatever slugs are on sale at wally-world. The 9 shot knocks down the steels real well and (don't shoot steels with slugs or you'll be paying some RO for his plates) the slugs are for the USPSA paper targets.
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    Here are a couple of Pics
    IMGP0001.JPG IMGP0002.JPG
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