12/24 volt chest freezer

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Hillbilly549, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Old topic but wondering what the best current options are our there?
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    A friend has an Edgestar and likes it. The thing was expensive!!

    Considering the money for Edgestars, Whynters, etc., like $600-700 for 60-80 quarts sizes, you can get a nice small 120 volt unit plus an efficient small true sign wave inverter such as a Xantrax for like half the money. For same money as Edgestar get 2 freezers and 2 inverters. 2 is 1 and 1 is none. Get an EnergyStar certified freezer and you might even be close efficiency wise.

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    Coleman makes a 12 volt DC chest cooler like you take to the beach about $80+ It lowers the internal temperature by 40 degrees from ambient.
    It is not thermostatically controlled so it runs constantly.
    If you need things kept frozen your much better off with a real refrigerator. RV builders have those that are AC-DC and gas.
    If you use propane any way than this is a nice quiet way to go.
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    We have an RV Refer/Freezer in our Brown cabin that is Three-way Powered... 120Vac, Propane, and 12Vdc... The only issue we have had is you MUST supply .25 Amps of 12Vdc minimum to operate the Control System... We use the cabins 12Vdc System to do that, and it is Solar Charged... The Blue cabin’s Refer/Freezer is straight Propane...
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    I have a Dometic 12 0r 24Vdc plus 120 Vac .
    Full compressor system , My testing was 200 watt panels2 100 watt in series to CC , winter time , 2 T105 trogens GC cells in series for 12 Volts.. frezzer set in outside green house (cold because its glass) kept the frozen turkey frozen all winter .. 49th northern parallel ..

    Then the bird was cooked for dog food !! Not our bird , free store deal !!

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    I have 4 of them, 1 RV fridge/freezer, 1 Small cooler type we took to the beach and 2 chest freezers. All 12/24v. I bought them all off fleebay and they are all unknown brands but they all work great. The one in our RV has been running 24/7 for years.
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