12 gauge hatsan escort 18 inch 5 shot pump

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    Much better weapon for his operation... But not on HIS list, so irrelevant.... AND ReSupply, his ammunition, is a BIG Factor... 30-30 and 12Ga. Are the most common, in Rural Stores... But .410 & .22LR are hard to come by even in big Cities... especially if he is reduced to Barter for his ReSupply...
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    Correct, I would suggest he sell off the less useful weapons and settle on one or.two that will cover his needs, not one or two dozen because they were cheap.
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  3. what about a 12 gauge and a 22?
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    A friend and former employee of mine used to work as an engineer (he's an ME) for the Crane Naval Weapons Depot in SW Indiana. Name has changed a few times over the years as have many of it's missions but it is still a small arms center for the Navy. Back when he was there roughly 30 years ago, the Navy performed small arms evaluations and tests at Crane (still did as 6 years ago I know). They had a battery of tests they would perform including dunking weapons in dirty muddy water, drag them across sandy ground, freeze them, heat them, not clean them, etc. They'd put thousands and thousands of rounds thru each weapon and assessed it's accuracy, functionality, durability and of course reliability. When he was there the Navy was selecting a production shotgun for their security folks. After all the rigors the Mossberg 500 came out on top with the Remington 870 a close second and the rest of the field of dozens and dozens of other models and brands weren't even close. The 500 was one of the least expensive to boot. There is a reason the 500 has been used by the Navy for years and years and consequently why it is in my gun safe.

    I figure, maybe incorrectly but I doubt it, the Navy evaluated these far better than any gun magazine (and they ran 5 of each model through the tests). I am not as familiar with the Moss 590 but I understand it is basically a 500 but with a steel receiver instead of aluminum and different magazine tube setup which probably offers some benefits with a few costs. Have new designs come along that may challenge the 500 and 870? Probably but I don't know what the Navy's tests determined if they have even been evaluated. Crane used to purchase 5 of every small arm that came on the market and test them but I was told they discontinued this a good while back. However, for the bang (literally) for the buck, you can't go wrong with the 500 or 870.

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    And just where are you going to get your ReSupply of Ammunition, for the .22LR.... Inquiring Minds want to know..... It is a "Blonde" question.....
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  6. im not gonna resupply rather make every shot count :)

    thatnks man!!! hope i did good with the mav 88 . still cn anybody answer if should take the 12 and 22 then?
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    Ubetcha...bring both of them... Why not... What do you think?!
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    After you run out of Ammo, for both of them, you can use them as Clubs....
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    or crutches
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    Maybe a spit for roasting something like a goose.
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    A 12 gauge will take every animal in North America. From a chipmunk to a Moose/Alaskan Brown. Ammo choice, distance and shot placement are key. I once turned a woodcock into nothing but feathers, full charge of #4 out of a full choke at about 10 yards. I found the beak and one foot. Nothing to eat that evening. I would have been better off with #8 and a bit more distance.
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    Can't do it. You can not lift yourself up by your own bootstraps, nor hold yourself at arms reach.;)
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  14. hahaahahha thanks guys. heres my ammo, i got like 90 rounds of buck 100 rounds of slugs a box of 4 shot steel 12 gauge and 2 7.5 shot boxes i got some of those new fangled frangible hevishot devi duty buckshot iron and tungsten so pose to break up on hard objects but penetrate meat. i had to get a box of those pdx1 410 from winchester they looked so cool but hard on the wallet. only got 1 box. for the 20 gauge i only got a few boxes of no.3 buck and some 7.5 and 4 steel shot 3 inch. no 3 inch for 12 gauge all 2 3/4. i have ALOT of 22lr i think over 15 kinds and for the 243 only 3 boxes of federal 100 grain soft point but i don't plan on using my rifle only for that long shot (which i don't even know if i can make since i was a dummy and didn't read reviews on that gun before i bought it some people say its very inaccurate but those were only the people with scopes i think the screws loosen up like on my air fiel and if they lock tite em it would fix it but I'm not using a scope anyways) and will only use it for special purpose such as defense from people or big animals
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    frangible ammo was made for breaching houses. Like swat teams.:lol:
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    I had an Escort slug gun briefly, it wasn't a quality piece, and had defects out of the box.
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