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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I'm sure this has been addressed multiple times before but I am going to build a small 12 volt system from which I can power a ventilation fan, LED lights and perhaps some small electronic devices. My plan is to start out with a couple of good batteries that I can keep charged that will provide energy for a short time if needed. In the future, I want to add a charge controller and solar panels. This will be located in my home but I don't want it tied to the electricity grid in any way. Does anyone have a good book or website to recommend for someone wanting to do a small scale 12 volt system like this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    small system

    The little i know about solar sizing, is that 1st, you need to know what load you are asking your batteries to pull...KWH....and are you planning on using solar panels right off, or using a battery charger powered by the grid? The guy's who REALLY know this stuff will join in...but you need to know what the requirements are before any body can answer your question.... Even just a list of what "small" appliances will be a start...rsbhunter
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    Also are you using 12 volt only or using an inverter to power ac.My own short term system uses a couple deep cycle batts and an inverter but most of the draw is 12 volt only appliances.
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    As the one person pointed out .sit down and figure out how many watt's you are going to be drawing off the bank it beening used to the fullest then go from there .

    Size your bank to the number of panels and batterys with there accessories items to run about four days before you have to recharge them that is the basic avg time most of us .

    Remember to start with a good system and go from there
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    There are several ways you can go. It is very hard to say from your little info question here. IF, you were only going to go for a couple of small things and only needing 12 volt, then you won't need much. A couple of batteries and a small battery charger. If you want to expand this in the near future to a real solar system running ac, then you would want to start up with that in mind. Make everything you buy now, compatible with the solar later in order to keep from double buying. Please me a lot more specific in your needs and desires.
  6. Thanks everybody for your responses. I will take a look at the wattage requirements and go from there. Thanks again.
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