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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by yeus789, Dec 11, 2016.

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    I have found great battery that I would like to use to power my 12v appliances, but I am still not sure about the specs (too cheap, 180 dollars and too light 7,2kg). Can anyone advice, whether I can just plugin in my 12v appliances or do I still need inverter? Any other things to look for when buying this type of a battery?

    Untralight Li-ion Type Solar Lithium Battery 200ah 400ah 600ah 12v Solar Battery Pack - Buy Lithium Battery 12v,Solar Battery Pack Product on Alibaba.com

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    Just what kind of "12v appliances" are you wondering about? Current draw is the big deal, with voltage drop a very close second.

    As they say - "More data needed to compute" or advise.
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  3. ghrit

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    If your appliances are DC, you do not need an inverter. You did not mention how you intend to charge these batteries, but it is possible that choice will influence your decision in one way or another.

    (Inverters make AC from DC.)
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    There are Li-Ion Batteries..... So be very aware that if abused, they WILL EXPLODE, and Burn, and you can't put out the fire with Water, or Chem Extinguishers.... Same type of Battery that is in the Samsung Exploding Phones.....
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    With LiFePO4 you get about 20ah for every 2kg of naked cell weight in a 12v battery.
    I don't think it will hold any where near the power they are advertising.
    The total weight on my 60ah LiFePO4 battery is around 10 to 15kg.
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    Alibaba is legit, they are a manufacturers rep from China. Be advised that to order you will have to contact the listed supplier, wait a week for them to reply, and be prepared to take months to complete the order. You also will have to pay shipping from China on hazardous materials, which I can imagine might be expensive. I bought 4 Roto-cone well drilling bits once and while I saved a ton of money, it took 4 months to get them.
    As far as that battery pack goes, you could easily build that with 18650 batteries from Amazon more cheaply.
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    I will tell you a little secret.
    Batteryspace dot com

    I would never buy from alibaba dot com based on the inflated numbers.
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  8. ghrit

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    Maybe a spammer, but no reason to suspect that yet. OP is a Finn, that explains the imperfect English. (Besides there are a LOT of monkeys that use imperfect English.)
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  9. oil pan 4

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    Oh yeah like everything coming out of China lives up to its what the people trying to sell the item say it will do.
    If that was the case....
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    Oh now ghrit, that just ain't so.
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