13 Year Old's Birthday Party.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cruisin Sloth, Apr 5, 2012.

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    13 Year Old's Birthday Party...

    What does it cost for 25 secret service men and two planes
    and 12 other girls to go to Mexico for a birthday party?

    Why isn't this put out by the major radio and TV news networks?

    The other question is what kind of idiot parents would sent their
    child off to a place which is supposedly off limits for Americans
    safety? I guess security is not a problem when you have 25 secret
    service men baby sitting.

    Absolutely Infuriating!

    After driving the U.S. more deeply into debt than any other President,

    Want to know where Obama's 13 year-old daughter is right now with
    12 friends?

    On "spring break" in Oaxaca Mexico , on your dime.

    She took two jets and 25 secret service men.

    A thirteen year-old?

    Why haven't you heard about it?

    The Obama Administration has had the Secret Service scouring the web
    ordering that any website mentioning this be taken down because letting
    the travel plans out could endanger the president's daughter's security.

    Nonsense, the "royal couple" just want to hide the way they are ripping off
    the U. S. taxpayer

    This one trip will cost more than most
    Americans make in their entire lifetimes.
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    All I can say is to expect more of the same from"The Debtor in Chief."
  3. Redneck Rebel

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    White House response to inquiries from Politico:

    Media scrubs Malia Obama Spring Break vacation AFP story - POLITICO.com
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