14 Passed, 77 Failed!

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    Our DS took the ASVAB test (Armed Services entrance exam) a couple of weeks ago and was told that if he hoped to graduate, he'd have to score at least a 31 on it. This is out of 100. The results came out today and he managed to score a 41. He'll still have to bust butt on his regular and after school courses this year, but things are looking hopeful.

    The bad news is only 14 of the seniors passed with a score of 31 or more. 77 of his classmates had scores under 31! This is outrageous, IMHO. Supposedly the school has started to consider scheduling meetings to try and figure out how this dismal performance could have happened. IDIOTS! It happened because you're being way to politically correct and trying to accommodate all students (and their complaining parents) and thereby teaching at the speed of the slowest, least performing students! For God's sake, start TEACHING instead of accommodating! Hold these kids responsible and their parents responsible! The US used to have the highest test scores in the world. Now? Heck, we're giving certain ethnic groups extra credits and taking away credits for other ethnic groups. Get rid of 3/4 of the administrators and use the money to pay teachers...and give raises and incentives only to the teachers that actually teach. And yes, the schools know who these teachers are...as well as who the really bad teachers are. Then fire the bad teachers! Hold the students to acceptable behavior in the classroom. You want to disrupt the class? Head to the Principal just before you get kicked out and put into the "Special Needs" schools. Geez.

    Rant over.

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  2. Yard Dart

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    I do appreciate the rant.... you are spot on with the top heavy administration taking money away from teaching the kids.

    But as a side note to the test failures. The local recruiting station gets a copy of all ASVAB participants basic info and their scores.... I am not surprised to hear so many kids failed the ASVAB.... most probably did it on purpose IMO. Parents probably instructed their kids to do just that to try and avoid the potential of them kiddies being swayed towards looking at military service (bad scores...nobody calls). All that to avoid getting the head hunters at the recruiting station off their tail.... just the facts.

    I know this stuff, as I saw it all the time with the 14 schools I haunted.... I was an Army head hunter for a bit on my last tour.... :eek:
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    WTH, what ever happened to the pride in serving after high school.:(

    My daughter is in 9th grade and my son is in 7th and both plan on military service after school.
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    31? That's all? Hell, that wasn't halfway to a D- a few years back.

    I only had 3 schools back in the Misguided Children stage of life...but in that area, kids didn't need to try to fail...it just came naturally ;)
  5. 3M-TA3

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    If you check your public education system you will typically find one administrative employee per teacher. Like all govt bureaucracies, it's not about accomplishing the goal, it's about growing the program.
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    Prolly happened aboot the time ya'll stopped defending your own country and started illegally invading others based on lies. Dont worry man....those illegal immigrants coming from south of texas will pass the test and "defend the nation"

    Just say'n.
  7. Tully Mars

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    I'm sure that the test has changed a lot over the years but back in the late 70's I aced mine. Was told, "Hell son, you can qualify for any program we've got." Great! I wanna fly helos! "Uh, anything but that..But I can get you into jump school!":rolleyes:
  8. chelloveck

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    Fly In...and jump out of helos was the best compromise they could offer??? :rolleyes:

    he must have been a slick, smooth talking head hunter ;)
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  9. madmax

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    Don't blame the teachers. They scramble to check off the list of BS! that they are REQUIRED to teach. Our schools have illegally overcrowded classrooms. My wife was the only PE teacher in a school of 750 students. She also had to do remedial classes like reading to try and meet the minimum to get the gov to give them money to educate.

    ...I'll stop now. Just like I did teaching.:mad:
  10. NotSoSneaky

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    Four words:
    Teachers unions & participation trophies
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  11. Yard Dart

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    Nah, a slick one would have put him in boots doing Water Purification specialist, a cook.... or NBC. :)
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  12. Seawolf1090

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    I scored a 94. I was the fourth from the top in my class, and my best buddy scored a bit higher. I was only half trying. Actually gave little thought to those topics I thought were 'office' geared. I too was told I qualified for "any job I wanted". So I went USAF and was an Avionics Instrument Tech. Woohoo! Even got the base I wanted. :cool:

    Tested again later when I was out several months, then reupped to the USN. Scored high then too.
    I am shocked the passing score is so abysmally low. But looking back on some fellow airmen and squids, it makes sense...... :rolleyes:
  13. ghrit

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    "Back in the day" I think it was called the "AQT" and there was no way you could fail. About all it did was determine how high up the skills chain you could enlist and be offered (not guaranteed) training. If you didn't accept the offer, i.e., enlist, then the draft took you anyway with no choices, you were going to Nam as a grunt. So I dodged the draft by going Navy and busting butt to stay qualified to get where I wanted to go. (Not so good eyes and no college degree kept me from flying.)
  14. Tully Mars

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    I fully intended to make the Army my career. Was a "ROTCee Nazi" as we were called for 4 years. My grand plan was for Airborne school,then Ranger school. My ultimate goal was to be a Green Beret medic. Everything was on track until I tore the crap out of my right knee. All of a sudden I was no longer needed. :( Truly bummed me out for a long time as we have a very strong military line in my family dating back to the war of northern aggression.
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  15. Yard Dart

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    A strong civilian contributing and helping in a community is as valuable as an Airborne Ranger......
    I salute your dream, sorry to hear it did not come to fruition!!!

    Anyways, falling out of a perfectly good airplane show's some form of mental defect.... just saying. :D

    Edit: WE ate ROTC folks for lunch every summer when they dared to come to Camp All-American, Ft Bragg.....:lol:
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  16. Tully Mars

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    I have managed to do that with my kid brother. Used to go spend time with him and the other PJs in his unit near Spokane. Have 120 jumps to my credit.

    uh yeah I know..;)
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