15,000 Iranian Troops in Syria!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheEconomist, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. chelloveck

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    Any relation to

    Any relation to Khimenei by yimminy?
  2. tulianr

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    A cousin, on his third wife's side of the family.
  3. ColtCarbine

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    So are the Sunni's what is considered to be a radical group over there, not of the true faith.

    A group which might be giving a bad name for Muslim/Islam, for us westerners to think of as what most Islams and Muslims are.
  4. Minuteman

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    Just the opposite. The Sunni's are more like the mainstream. The Shia are the Iranians,Syrians. Hezbollah etc.
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  5. Falcon15

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    Yeah there are only 940 Million Sunnah (Sunni) Muslims and 120 million Shia (or Shiites) Muslims, worldwide. Most Shiites live in Iraq, Iran, and Yemen.

    1.6 Billion Muslims total, not inclusive of the other, smaller, less widely known sects like the Druze, for example.

    Heck, China only has 1.3 Billion folks (rounded).
  6. Redneck Rebel

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    There are actually Sunni Iranians. 1 million in Tehran alone, however the gov't suppresses them and won't even allow them a mosque.
  7. ghrit

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    I guess I have to ask why we care which tribe is causing which other tribe the most trouble?
  8. Redneck Rebel

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    I don't think we do. If Iran would shut their traps and be about money like the Saudi's we'd be more than happy to be friends with their repressive regime just as we are the Saudi's.
  9. ColtCarbine

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    Trying to get an edumucation on who the good/bad tribes are so I can understand what the rest of you guys are saying that are better versed on other cultures.

    and what he said above
  10. TheEconomist

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    Read "The Crisis of Islam" by Bernard Lewis I believe, it will help Colt.
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  11. Falcon15

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    It is generally accepted that Sunni Muslims tend to be the more moderate (arguendo - "peaceful") Muslims. Shiite tend to be the more fundamental (militant, radical, and prone to violent attacks/retaliation).

    Again, these are generalities. Individuals vary, as do fundamental viewpoints, just like within the Christian faith.
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  12. Redneck Rebel

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  13. BTPost

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    Any Religious Person who's INCOME, and WellBeing, is derived from feeding the Religious Minds, and Institutions, is suspect, in my book, PERIOD. When your money comes from, not your own labor, but from feeding your brand of religion, to others, it makes your speech, and "Facts" suspect. Religion is, in my mind, Simply, 'Ones PERSONAL Relationship with His/Her God.... Period" If you let some other Human, get between you, and your God, and tell you what your God, says to You, then you aren't quite right, in your thinking, and are allowing yourself, to be deluded by another's thoughts. That is a "sheeple" attitude, and not for a Clear Thinking Individual. Now I am not saying that one can't, or shouldn't, read what others have to SAY, or Write on Religious Subjects, Not at all... I am saying, "When you give yourself over to allowing a Priest, or Cleric, tell you what YOUR God, wants YOU to do, you become one of those Mindless Zombies, when it comes to religion, that we all talk about, and you give up, thinking for yourselves. My Opinion.... YMMV.....
  14. chelloveck

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    A bit like drug dealers and drug cartels really

    A bit like drug dealers and drug cartels really.....of course they are going to say that their drugs are the best, purest...and will do you no harm, and will assure you that their stuff will give you a great trip to Nirvana. Naturally the only thing that the drug dealers and drug cartels are actually interested in is to entice their marks into coming back for more, and helping to seperate their marks from their cash. The only difference between religious proselytising and drug dealing is that religious proselytising is legal in most jurisdictions.
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