15 Home Remedies for Bug Bites

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    Scratching and itching is uncomfortable. During the summer we all deal with bug bites and instead of slathering a store bought itch relief, you may have the cure in your cupboard. Learning to use what you have is knowledge that will save you money and eliminate the need to buy a manufactured salve that claims to relieve itch, redness and swelling but I have found half of that stuff really doesn't work other then relieving me of my money. Grandma always said to use oatmeal but I do not see that on the list. She used to mix it up, paste it on me when I was little. I think it worked, it was cool and covered the bite plus so distracting that I forgot about the itch.

    What home remedies do you use to relieve the sting and itch?

    Follow link for 1-15 15 Home Remedies for Bug Bites and Stings
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    I have tried Tobacco and also Baking Soda for bee stings and they definitely don't work for me. My wife will smear mud on any bug bite and she swears that it works...but I can't see how. I will try ammonia next time a mosquito gets me.
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    Moist chewing tobacco on stings has worked for me for years. Kinda freaked my youngest when I pulled my dip out of my mouth and slapped it on her bee sting but she got over it;)
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    LOL! and they said Mother's spit cures all,
    never heard that Dad's saliva infested chew was good for anything. Good to know.
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    My mom would put me in a bath with a bunch of oats she would bring into powder to help with poison oak/ivy so maybe there is something to it.

    I've never used it in my adult life.

    I'm that guy everyone hates because bugs avoid me 95% of the time. (Probably my looks or personality I'm sure haha)

    Probably my most frequent problem are spider bites. I'll get a handful in a small area working in the yard and those suckers itch like crazy.
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