1911 outpowers .44 mag, same size gun.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by meyah, Feb 19, 2006.

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    Check out Clark Custom Guns for 460 ballistics. 460 gets 185 gr jhp's to 1500 fps, in a gun that is 8.5" long. The 4" barreled M29 smith is 9.5" long. Chop the .44's barrel by 3", and it wont get 180 gr jhp's over 1400 fps. Make the 1911's barrel 1" longer, and it will get the 185 gr bullets to 1550 fps.

    Not that such heavy bullets are the way to go, or that such heavy, bulky guns are realistic sidearms, or that anyone needs to hunt (much less with handguns). It's interesting, tho, that an alloy framed Commander can get a hollowbased, 90 gr swc to 2100 fps, for 880 ft lbs, and the bullets will exit the ribcage of a big Hereford bull. With no more recoil than 185 gr Plus P .45 ACP jhp's.
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