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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TheJackBull, Apr 21, 2016.

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    broke my hammer strut.... was looking into cylinder and slide.com. thinking of using this as an opportunity to upgrade. getting a new strut plus a drop in hammer and sear kit. i have heard that all things 1911 need to be fit by a smith... is this true? can I not do this on my own?

    I would also love to hear of your online parts buying successes and failures as I would rather learn from your mistakes ( no offense ) than from my own! ;)
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  2. ghrit

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    Well, not everything needs a highly trained expensive smith to install. I hazard a guess that the hammer strut is slightly more complicated than taking off the grips, but not out of reach of anyone with a bit of a mechanical bent. I'm less sure that a hammer and sear should be done by the home tinkerer, but even that is not too far complicated as long as one understands completely how they work.
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    I've done all three, it's just as ghrit says, just take your time and pay attention.
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    i love Brownell,s as i have 4 1911 Springfield,s
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    off thread, but for the 1911 guys.....have any of you built a 1911 from a 80% receiver ? it looks like it gets bigger everyday for the 80% field...I have built several AR15's and my current SBR from 80% lowers and have considered building a 1911.....I am waiting now on a 80% polymer lower from Polymer80.com to do a Glock based pistol....only reason I have hesitated on a 1911 is because they cost a lot more to do....a complete 80% 1911 from 1911 builders.com is running 1k..........
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    wow look at those tools! are the stones specific for the 1911 or is a hammer stone a hammer stone?
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