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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ghrit, Oct 10, 2010.

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    My basic Spfld 1911 consistently puts hardball in pretty much the same place, most of the time. Not necessarily where I want them to be, but it turns out that is a problem only when I don't hold high and to the right. I'm tired of guessing; it's time for a set of adjustable sights. This is exposed holster carry, so complete de-horning is not too important, so long as nothing is hanging out to chop up my delicate fingers.

    FWIW, the rear sight could be drifted some, but the front blade would have to be filed almost flush with the top of the slide to make it come close.

    Sight recommendations, please, for up to 25 yard defense, and plinking at stupidly long distances.
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    Millet makes a nice adjustable rear sight that uses the standard 1911 dovetail. You can have your pick of dots, bars, or nothing. Front sights are available as a set. I got a few from Brownell's once.

    I also got a set of high target sights from King's. I don't remember the part numbers, but it was the highest adjustable sight set they had that used the standard 1911 dovetail. King's Gun Works - 1-800-282-9449
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