1st Annual Seattle International Knife Show ... April 16th & 17th

Discussion in 'Blades' started by BTPost, Apr 4, 2014.

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    BladeGallery: Fine handmade custom knives, art knives, swords, daggers

    My good Friends, ABS MasterBlade Smith Adam DesRosiers and his Wife, ABS JourneyMan BladeSmith Haley DesRosiers will be attending.... Should be an Excellent place to see the World of Custome Knives, made by some Really Good Folks....

    If you go, check out Adam's "Damascus Alaskan Chopper" It is the Knife of the North Woods..... .....
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    Nice link BT. I might have to venture over and check it out!! I like them sharp things :cool:
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    what? they allow knives in Seattle?
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    We run around here with machete's don't you know..... the lib's are just afraid of bullets.... (don't believe that lie, they would try and get you arrested for carrying a sharp stick).
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