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    I read up on this , it was kind of confusing. One said it helps reduce diarrhea ,,,when that's what she needs , but another says it helps for constipation,,,[dunno],,,,So is there a brand and type you'd recommend ?
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    When I see things like that, I think of Lydia Estes Pinkham. World famous stuff she peddled.
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    Yea, that's about what I thought,,a cure all product,,,one that'll only lighten the load,,,,,of your wallet . But if it comes recomended from someone with nothing to gain , or a fairly reputable person ,,,I'd give it a try. I'll wait and see what MM34 says about it.
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    If you do not want to spend the $8, send me your address and I will mail you a bottle for your daughter. I know that this product works for our family. My son had surgery. Between surgery and pain killers he was backed up horribly. Eating fiber bars did not help. I had him eat Activia and take the wafers that I linked and he had success. Acidophilus will help heal her colon and it does help with constipation. Sometimes over uses of laxatives can cause constipation. The goal is to get your daughter to have a healthy colon. So many people are sick because they are not "balanced". Since she is female, the acidophilus will help with yeast infections also. Have her take 3 before bed a few times a week once she gets healed.

    Here is a great article that was posted by a member. Midway through the article is a quiz. Have her take it- do not submit for the results but just the questions should give her an idea that some other issues may be related to her colon health.

    Is Leaky Gut The Real Reason You’re Sick?
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    No ,,,it's not the money at all, I'll go buy her 10 bottles if it'll work ,,,I was just wondering if there's a certain brand for either function,,diarrhea or constipation,,I read they had pills , tablets , powders , and even a milk..Just wondering which you would recommend,,,,personally I was thinking the powder might dissolve and work faster ,,,or maybe the milk,,, but I'm just asking. The article I read said some companies use a lot of filler and don't actually use the ingredients that they are actually advertising in their product. So I was just looking for a known reputable product .. Thanks
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    I just opened my new Monocled Cobra oil elixir business. One bite cures all ailments, typically within an hour. I don't seem to be getting much repeat business, though...
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    Well I want to thank all of have responded to this thread,,,,it's good to know I've got friends that I can get together with and just plain ole talk $HIT with. :ROFLMAO:

    [LMAO][LMAO]And to top it all off,,,,I just looked and I got an award ,,,,,,for talkin' 'bout $hit,,,,,[ROFL],,,,ain't this place great,,,,,,
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    Diet is the killer, your daughter needs to have a long look at the foods she is consuming and adjust accordingly! Corn based products, hard skinned fruits and veggies, and dairy are all going to cause package, with processed dairy being about the worst! Also want to look at meat intake, too much red meat can cause issues, as well as BBQ meats because of the char and if spiced, those spices can cause real issues! It's a complex issue and she is going to need to take it one step at a time to find the source of troubles and eliminate it from her Diet! All the "Cures" are an after action to a consistent problem thay must be dealt with pro actively, otherwise she isn't ever going to find relief! Another issue is the use of antacids or reducers, these can cause all sorts of problems beyond a backup, so that's something to look at! If stomach troubles are at the start of the road, that needs to be dealt with first before down stream issues can be addressed! Finally, her "chemistry" and any changes should be looked at, her body may have changed and it's needs have changed with it, and she may be rejecting certain intake!
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    @SB21 did the suggestions help? :)
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    You know,,,I bought some for her at one of those natural meds /. Vitamin stores. And I really haven't talked with her much. She's so busy with work. She started another 2nd job here recently , and with my schedule , I haven't even thought about it. I usually don't till she's complaining about pains or being sick. But I will find out and get back to you. Thanks for your concern , or curiosity.
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    As the resident witch doctor... she might find some relief from Glucomannan, a dietary supplement... Please see the following link for some information and case studies.... It is available in most Wal-Mart's and other stores as an over the counter supplement and may be found in a weight loss section....

    Glucomannan Uses, Benefits & Dosage - Drugs.com Herbal Database

    Sorry this reply was delayed ... I was getting additional Consultation with the local "Holiday Inn"...;)
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    we too were consulting with the local Holiday Inn n Holiday Inn Express ;) :ROFLMAO: like @Witch Doctor 01[winkthumb] [winkthumb]

    please be really really :cautious: :cautious: it can cause problems including

    Glucomannan - Wikipedia
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    Agreed - diet is the main thing and unwanted elimination traits are a key indicator of poor diet for most people. Cutting WAY down on carbs, especially refined products that have had the fiber removed is a first step. White wheat flour based products in particular are a problem and why "bread and water" was used to feed prisoners - it's an extra punishment. Whole grains that are high in fiber like oats are far preferred to flours and rice. Also while you are cutting down on stuff they make glue out of increase fiber. My favorite sources of fiber are steamed summer squashes, salad greens, onions and such. Eat a dinner salad for lunch or dinner every day and you will see noticeable improvements.
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    That's why I sent the link... and medical research ....

    Fiber is the link but whether soluble or non soluble that is the question....
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    I , and my daughter appreciate your help , concerns for her health and welfare , and for your dedication to your choice of quality healthcare consultation on this matter.

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    The Bill is in the mail.....
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    Probiotics and yogurt with active cultures do wonders for me. along with drinking plenty of water.
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