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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]Our supplier just presented us with the opportunity to buy cases of Future Essentials, Idahoan Dehydrated Diced Potatoes at the rate of two for one!

    This does not happen often in the food storage biz. In fact, it is a first in my memory. These cases are current production--canned in October of this year--they'll store indefinitely as long as the cans remain unopened.

    Each case contains twelve 12.3oz. cans.

    Bottom line for buyers club members: $64.00 for two cases. Free shipping of course to the lower 48.

    Act quickly--this offer is only good till December 12.

    While I'm at it here, I'll mention these other news items:

    1. This week's "7-day riot" of special offers include a couple of great discounted products new to Safecastle, and one that we've had for a while but which is now marked down 30% (before applying the member discount!).

    a. The new Stanley 95-155 3-in-1 Tripod LED Flashlight. This is an eminently practical and affordable lighting tool. In fact, as the name states, it is three lights in one. I can't wait for a blackout to use mine properly.

    b. Very limited quantities on this one, so we may not get to run this offer for the full 7 days. When I came across this last week, I scooped up all available units for this Condor "pipe knife with sheath." If you have any kind of interest in knives, go to the listing to check this one out!

    c. Finally, for this week, we are making available the uscanteen Como Canteen Holder at a solid discount BEFORE member discount is subsequently applied! These canteen holders are top-quality products available in your choice of color and design. Not to mention our just-reduced price on the stainless steel uscanteens themselves, in single-wall and double-wall, polished and brushed models.

    2. Turtle Tuff Shelters!! We are now selling a unique portable shelter solution--Turtle Tuff Shelters. We just listed them in our buyers club store yeterday ...

    Turtle Tuff Shelters are lightweight, portable, strong, low-cost, quality geodesic dome shelters. The geodesic dome is the lightest frame structure in existence for its weight. Cover and floor materials resist UV rays, high winds, rain, and snow for many years.

    The Turtle Tuff is not a tent, but a very strong home away from home. It can be used in an emergency (earthquake, hurricane, etc.) to relocate to a safe area and within a few hours, be set up with a safe dwelling for the family in any weather.

    Needless to say, I am very excited about this new product line.

    3. Last item of note for now--right-hand, number-one son Ben has finished producing a video that is posted in the right column of our store pages, in which he demos some of the storage foods we sell. I'm pretty impressed with how enlightening it is--it's certainly worth watching.​
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