2 Deputies shot with.... Sniper Rifle?

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  1. Blackjack

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    The short story:

    Floyd County Indiana.... a teenage boy shoots 2 deputies responding to a call at his residence. Later cops find boy dead inside. All reports are saying police made no comment on the weapon, but I just heard fox news report it was a "world war 2 era sniper rifle". I'm wondering what their calling a sniper rifle these days. Lookout Tango, they'll be comin after the Enfields with publicity like this ;)

    Anybody got the full story on the rifle?
  2. Tango3

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    hit it on the nose blackjack: a deadly "sniper rifle" is "antigun code for any centerfire bolt action with a scope( remington 700, winchester mdl70 ruger 77.) mausers enfields only get by because of the historical aspects. Hell my no1 mk4 holds 10 in the mag and 1 in the chamber..( wait until thet find out the mag is actually removable!).not made to be changed quickly ,more for cleaning...
    Today I think maybe lever action's may escape the grab because they remind folks of " cowboy guns like in the movies"john wayne, marshall dillonetc.Smithed "Tactical" lever actions I have seen in the magazines are pretty cool...I've got a hand me downwinny 94 thutty thutty, only me and my deceased father inlaw are aware of.( hole card).pretty much a "greyman" weapon won't draw attention and few folks would risk their hide to take it from me...
  3. Blackjack

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    Love the lever actions! Grew up shootin squirrels with a marlin lever 22. That 30-30 of yours would make a very acceptable zombie shooter. And I think you're right..... the lever actions will fly under the radar of gov a lot longer than my black rifles.
  4. Clyde

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    I just went to the local police and voluntarily turned in my sniper rifle. It is much too dangerous for civilian ownership. What was I thinking when I put all that money into that evil, killing machine?

    I also turned in all my hunting rifles because each has a scope and would allow me to exercise finger in a "surgical" strike manner just like a JDAM.

    I hope people don't start killing with handguns or I may have to turn them in, too, so that I don't contribute to the continued carnage this inanimate hunk of steel can create.

    I am so confused. How can guns continue to be owned when they kill people?

  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Hell Clyde., I'm turning in my truck : are you aware of the daily carnage playing out on Americas' highway's????I don't want any part of it.
  6. Clyde

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    Think of all the corn you will be able to eat! I agree. Everyone should turn in their vehicles. God only knows how man lives could be saved by this act alone.

    I need a cigarette and a beer!
  7. E.L.

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    Just send your evil weapons to me. I will give them a good home and provide security.
  8. Blackjack

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    We need to set up the "Survival Monkey repository of evil destructive devices". Kind of a rescue operation :)
  9. ghrit

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    Isn't that repository called a "cache"? [dunno]
  10. AlterEgo

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    Prosecutor: Teen shot at deputies with WWII-era rifle

    Associated Press Writer
    Published June 19, 2007, 6:59 PM CDT

    GEORGETOWN, Ind. -- A 15-year-old boy fatally wounded one deputy and seriously injured another with a World War II-era sniper rifle after they went to his parents' home to investigate an argument between the teen and his mother.

    Minutes after the shooting, Tyler Dumstorf posted a message on his MySpace page that said, "I just killed two cops. Goodbye," Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson said.

    The teen was found early Tuesday, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, after police unable to make contact with him sent a camera-equipped robot into the home.

    The discovery came six hours after deputies were called to the home about 13 miles outside Louisville, Ky., Monday evening to investigate a call from the teen's mother.

    "There was nothing to indicate to the officers that it was anything more than a routine domestic call," Henderson said.

    As the officers were talking to his mother and aunt in the driveway, the boy ambushed them from an upstairs window, Henderson said. Each deputy was struck once in the back, he said.

    Deputy Frank Denzinger, a four-year veteran of the sheriff's department, died hours after the shooting, Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills said. Deputy Joel White, who has been with the department 17 months, was hospitalized in serious condition, Mills said.

    White was able to return fire, but none of his shots hit Dumstorf, Henderson said.

    The weapon Dumstorf used was a World War II relic known as an M1 Garand that is mostly a showpiece, and possessing one is not illegal, the prosecutor said. Henderson said the boy's father bought the gun some time ago and that he and his son shot it during target practice.

    Henderson referred to the deputies as "sitting ducks" and said they had no chance to protect themselves.

    "The cause of yesterday's tragedy isn't the weapon. It's the person who fired it," he said.

    The teen's father, James Dumstorf, and a companion were arrested Monday night on public intoxication charges. Henderson said the charges were unrelated to the shooting and would not elaborate.

    Tyler Dumstorf, who had just completed his freshman year at Floyd Central High School in nearby Floyds Knobs, was due in court Tuesday on a misdemeanor marijuana charge, Henderson said. The charge was part of the argument between the teen and his mother, but Henderson said it was premature to say it was the reason for the shooting.

    Officials in the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. declined to discuss the student, citing federal privacy laws, but pledged to cooperate fully with police.

    Dumstorf's MySpace page showed the teen liked classic rock, including The Doors, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses, whose song "Sweet Child O' Mine" played on the site. Postings on the page indicated he was an honor roll student.

    Denzinger was married with a young child, Mills said.

    White is married with two young children. Mills said it was too soon to tell whether he could return to active duty.

    Copyright © 2007, The Associated Press
  11. ghrit

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    Rats. One more M1D no longer available to the aficionado. What a shame, if it was indeed a "D".
  12. Blackjack

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    I'll bet it didn't even have a scope.

    Let's see... what else can we demonize...... I know, it's that rock'n'roll he listened to. Guns'n'Roses!!! Burn the albums!
  13. Clyde

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    I would highly doubt that this thing had a scope. Perhaps this is the future. I am saddend for the cops and the families, but the demonization of the M1 Garand is coming and the pundits will be beating the ban drumm to protect the cops from a World War II relic that may be one of the most popular shooting rifles in the country.

    Get your M1s now before the .gov joins the drumm beat. You may need them when the Waffen BATF SS comes to take your guns. You know they work.
  14. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Think I'll invest in a nice hawkins a mess of powder,caps and balls.
  15. Blackjack

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    [fnny] Make sure it's not 50 caliber or they'll come after it too!
  16. poacher

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    Well at least the puke of a kid saved the county and state from having to spend money on him while they housed him and put him on trial. My sympathy goes out for the officers and their families. I think we are down to it doesn't matter what you use for a weapon if you can be called a sniper then the media will call you one. Since you used a weapon while you were being a "sniper" then you have a sniper rifle. what a crock.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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