20.ft.wide-x-40.ft.long backyard food production lot

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    I love playing around with landscapeing software and trying to see what i can get in a small 20.ft wide-x-40.ft long backyard sized lot for single person to grow food on this sized set up ..

    The house set right up on the front of the lot with a small driveway on the one side of the house with a small overhead cover to protect the vehicle as need with a complete fence around the backyard to keep it enclosed for safety and security and a way to keep the people eye's out of the back yard ..The fence is 8.ft tall around the backyard

    The lot is sized at 65.ft long -x-20.ft wide as a small rural or urban lot for building on ..the front part of the lot is design for a home and small driveway area and small front yard area ..The rest of the back yard is design for food production

    the front the of the back yard food production used as follows

    This sized area is 10.ft long-x-20.ft wide with walkway's through the area as as need for getting into and out of the area.

    1-small off set patio with grill area and small table with chair's to hang out in the summer time or the weather is good with friend's and family .the patio has a gate area to allow a person to come through into the back yard as need

    2-small storage shed for use as need as storage area for gardening supplies off set of the patio-x-6.ft wide-x-6.ft long -x-8.ft tall

    this area is sized at 20-ft long-x-20.ft wide

    3-set of raised bed garden's that runs 20.ft long-x-4.ft wide-x-3.ft tall -x-2-these unit's are put on the wall that runs around the fence keeping you land from the next person backyard ..The raised bed are L-shaped with the L turning inward instead of outwards. faceing each other with a walkway between the ends to allow passage back to the wood gasifirier area as need

    The beds are place againest the wall to allow more space inside the area for bucket stand's to allow the drawf fuit's a little more space in the area ..

    4-setof four 5.gallon squared plasitc bucket's that set up on metal stand's to act as fuit tree's that need to grow up and need's a little space like a drawf apple and peach tree's to have some fuit item's

    back area of the lot is design to hold the following thing's in a 10.ft long-x-20.ft wide sized lot

    1-small gasifirier set up with engine in a small stand set up for rechageing the battery bank with overhead cover to keep the unit out of the weather as much as possible with it next to the cord wood stand as it need need to feed the gasifirier unit with fuel

    The gasifirier overhead cover is 7.ft wide-x-6.ft deep-x-7.ft tall that should be enough space for a small gasifirier power plant along with the overhead solar and wind turbine pole's system to be able to product enough power

    2-solar panel's unit on a pole that is attched to the overhead cover on the Gasifireier cover unit

    3-wind turbine unit the pole also for useing rechargeing the battery bank it also is attched to the overhead cover on the

    4-metal wood stand design to hold cord's of split wood with overhead cover it design to fit on the one side of the Gasifirier overhead cover unit ..the unit is made out of metal with it standing up about foot off the ground and deep as it need to ..The stand is 7.ft deep-x-7.ft tall-x-12.ft long
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