20 gauge reloading

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  1. marlas1too

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    while not my favourite gauge but my cousin that lives can't control the recoil of a 12 gauge so while this last weekend I was helping my son reload some [cheaper this way as you can get the hulls for at the local range for free] and we made some with 71/2 and some with 6 shot and some with bb.s then he made some with only 2 50 cal rnd balls in them --awesome so my question is do any others reload shotshell
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  2. Tempstar

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    Used to, but components around here cost more than shells when on sale. Good fun hobby and I used to really enjoy it, especially the experimentation.
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  3. chelloveck

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    I used to reload 12G a while ago....had a lee loader, it was easy enough to do....rocket science it ain't, but keeping one's wits about oneself is highly recommended. ;) Mostly birdshot, and shot for rabbits and hares.
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  4. marlas1too

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    son wants to load some 20 gage with black powder too--the first on did so good he,s going to load more
  5. ghrit

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    I reload for trap, 12 ga only. But might still have some general pointers if you have general questions. The best source I know of for specifics is here -
    The Handloaders Bench
    We have them linked in the firearms forum.
  6. UncleMorgan

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    Just to mention:
    A 12-ga kicks hard because it's made light in weight. That's the feel potential customers like when they pick it up off the display counter. And a lighter gun is easier to carry and point.

    A 12 ga. Mossberg 500 pump with a 28" barrel weighs about 7.5 lbs.

    A CETME rifle weighs 9.9 lbs., or more with attachments. The 7.62×51mm NATO it fires is essentially a .308 Win., and the recoil is "light".

    Adding 2-3 lbs of lead to a 12-ga will make it noticeably heavier, but will tame the recoil amazingly.

    An old-time blackpowder pirate cannon (As in "Aaarrrgh!") typically had to weigh 300 times as much as the projectile it fired, just to tame the recoil enough for it to be used on a ship.

    A 12-ga shotgun firing a one-ounce slug would have to weigh 18.75 lbs for the same ratio.

    Small wonder they kick a bit.
  7. Altoidfishfins

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    I used to reload 12 Ga years ago. The first ones were way too light on the powder charge. Adjust as necessary. Most shotgun powders are fully adaptable to pistol loads.

    So if you reload pistol, you can stock the same powder. I used to use Hercules (now Alliant) Unique for 9mm, .38, .357, .44 mag with light weight jacketed hollow points, .45 auto and 12 gauge.
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  8. chelloveck

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  9. chimo

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    I enjoy reloading 12ga with a Lee Loader. I also cast my own buck shot and slugs.
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  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have a MEC progressive for 12, 20, and .410... gotta love a progressive loader...
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  11. chelloveck

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    Although progressive loaders make for quick reloading in volume, basic DIY tools are cheaper, and just as effective, if somewhat slower.

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  12. Bishop

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    i reload for the single shots that i have i use ffg i cut the crimp off and use card board for the ends i use bbs lead marbles ball bearings all kinds of stuff.
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