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    Great site... Ready Nutrition

    20 Practical Ways to Use Bacon Grease

    20 Uses for Bacon Grease

    Leftover bacon grease has many uses including a quick splinter removal or even making a quick candle (See how easy this is below). As well, consider these other additional uses for bacon grease.

    1. Those who are interested in natural living will be happy to know that it can also be used for biofuel. One a side note, if a vehicle was run solely on bacon grease, would that make it a bacon mobile? I kid, I kid; but if you plan on using lard for this, make sure the lard or grease is filtered to remove any bits of leftover food.
    2. Did you know that lard can be used as a preservation method? Many homesteaders swear by this method. Author, Carla Emery explains how to do this in her bestselling book, The Encyclopedia of Country Living.
      “The fat seals the air out… After slaughtering a hog, the fat was rendered into lard. Those cuts of the hog that were not cured for smoking, or made into sausage, like the shoulder, were fried. While still hot, these slices of pork steak were preserved through the winter by larding. In a large crock, layer on layer of the fried steaks was covered with hot lard. This meat was then used through the winter by scraping the lard off each layer. The amount necessary for a meal was removed and reheated. The used lard was reused in pies or other baking or cooking and ultimately for soap.”

    3. Make cookies just like grandma with these bacon fat ginger snaps.
    4. Reward your dog with homemade bacon flavored dog biscuits. Along those lines, you can also drizzle a little bacon grease in your dog’s food bowl and this will encourage Fido to eat his food.
    5. Season your skillet or your cast iron cookware.
    6. Make bacon gravy. Did you mom ever make cream gravy? All you need is some milk, flour and bacon grease and this will make your meal sing! Here’s a recipe you can use.
    7. Make a candle – Pour the bacon grease in a cup or can, and place a wick inside. Give the grease a few minutes to soak into the wick, and then place it in the fridge until it solidifies. Viola! You now have the best smelling candle that money didn’t buy (at least if you like the smell of breakfast).
    8. Bacon grease is a great substitution for butter. 1 tablespoon of bacon grease can be used in place of butter or oil in just about any recipe; and don’t even get me started on how delicious bacon grease is with sauteing potatoes!
    9. Make some handy firestarters for your next camping trip by dipping a cotton ball or a piece of tinder in the fat and storing it in an unused Altoids tin can. Voila! You could even use bacon grease that has accidentally been left out and gone rancid, to make the most of what you have.
    10. Who wouldn’t want to bathe themselves with some bacon soap? You can use just about any animal fat to make soap, including bacon grease.
    11. How about some tasty pemmican? This Native American superfood is made of fat (typically deer fat but any will do), jerky made from lean meat, and dried fruits and/or berries. You just ball up the ingredients in equal parts and tuck it away. Here’s a great recipe!
    12. If you’ve run out of your leather boot protectant and need a quick alternative, animal fat is the way to go! In fact, one of the secrets that backpackers have used to waterproof boots is with animal fats.
    13. Make a bird feeder! The Girl Scouts taught me this one. Take a pine cone and cover it with bacon grease and then sprinkle wild bird seed over it. This is a great craft you can do with your kids!
    14. Fix those squeaky hinges! Add a dollop of bacon grease to a rag and grease hinges. They should quiet down without a problem. This will also work on squeaky wheels!
    15. Trap bugs. You can trap annoying bugs by placing a plastic container of bacon grease and a bit of vegetable oil in a common bug area. The oil will be too thick for bugs to fly out of, trapping them for life.
    16. Moisturize your hands and heels. Cracked hands and heels can be very painful. Instead of Vaseline, rub some bacon grease on your heels. Apply a bit before bedtime, put on your socks and get cozy. In the morning, your feet will be brand new again and soft as ever. This is because animal fat contains vitamins A, D, K, and E.
    17. Grease your muffin, pie or cake pans. This will no doubt add just a touch of bacon flavor to your baked goods, but who wouldn’t want that?
    18. Stop boiling pots from overflowing. I just learned this handy little trick. By dropping a bit of oil or bacon grease into the pan when boiling pasta will help it not boil over.
    19. Take your sandwiches to the next level with baconnaise. Here’s the recipe. You’re welcome. You could even add a spoonful of bacon grease to condiments like ketchup or barbecue sauce to give it a little extra flavor.
    20. Pour used bacon grease into a tuna or cat food can, chill until firm, and wire the can to a tree to give your feathered visitors some food. Bacon grease may be gross to some of us, but it attracts bluebirds, crows, jays, ravens, starlings, woodpeckers and Carolina wrens.
    Now that you know twenty more ingenious ways to use bacon grease, it’s time to get crackin’! This healthy animal fat is one of the most popular and one that adds the most flavor to any recipe. Best of all, it’s free with your bacon; so don’t let it go to waste!
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    Did someone say BACON, BACON, fabulous BACON?
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    thought I'd let everyone else see it before I let @ditch witch know about it...;)
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    Potage. Using tallow on top of a jar of food to keep it safe to eat.
  5. Ganado

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    baconaise? I think im in luv!!!
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    The dogs had bacon grease on their food tonight and licked their bowls around the kitchen.
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    Hmmm me thinks I've found the way to get @Ganado to trade some goodies with me....;)
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  8. Tikka

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    We get the best apple wood smoked bacon, I've ever enjoyed. Even the dogs agree the grease is bowl licking good.
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    What? No bullet lube?
  10. AxesAreBetter

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    Bar(r?) oak makes the best smoked meat, if you can ever find it.
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    I followed the link and found this out-
    I never knew to strain the bits out. That is an interesting tip.

    BTW- it didn't give specifics on the splinter removal.
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  12. UncleMorgan

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    Bacon? Bacon!!
    Gimme what's in the bag!
    (I can't read!)
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    bacon grease in 1/2 inch of water, quarter the cabbage, cook, add salt and pepper to taste... unbelievably yummy! and yes drain the meat bits out, I use a very fine mesh strainer or you can always let it cool and skim the fat off, the bits go to the bottom
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    Cheese cloth was used for filtering bacon fats when I was growing up.
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    You might try a paper coffee filter .
  16. kellory

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    That is what I have used. Using a rubber band, wrap the filter around the end of a metal funnel, leaving a golf ball sized bag at the end. Position funnel to sit in the neck of a glass jar (I used a pickle jar) and pour while hot.
    Since I went to a gold filter for coffee, I still have a few thousand coffee filters.
    For straining large amounts of oil (such as a deep fry) I use a large water carboid as my funnel, and the same process. (Remove the bottom of the carboid and it even has a handle built in)
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